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How technology can help your career

Society is an entirely adaptive process that changes based on the needs and opportunities of the people who live within it. Two hundred years ago, this meant society looked entirely different than it does today. Technology has completely revolutionized so much of how we think, act, and behave, and ignoring the potential of technology is to every single person’s detriment. Yes, it is important to have a life disconnected from the screen, but this life is your personal one. If you want to succeed and even thrive in a work environment, you need to automate as many processes as possible, allowing you to focus instead on creative solving for your daily challenges.

Using technology, you can advance your career. The advances you make can be direct, as in the case of obtaining a new degree, or indirect, if you keep great track of your networking opportunities. Either way, you will need digital tools to help support you and act as your very own personal assistant. It can be a hard world out there, so use all the players on your bench if you want to make it big.

Software to Automate Processes

Software whose primary goal is to automate admin processes and tasks for you have allowed for a massive boost in productivity both in the office and at home. Their main function is to make sense of the data that you already have and to complete previously tedious tasks in a faster way than before. So long as the information is inputted correctly from the start, these programs can also reduce errors that would otherwise need to be rectified later on.

At Work

At work, automation processes can be used to:

  1. Reduce admin processing times
  2. Provide personalized marketing to customers
  3. Keep inventory in stock
  4. Produce reports on demand

At Home

At home, automation processes can be used to:

  1. Make tax filing and accounting easier
  2. Remind you of important tasks that need to be accomplished
  3. Help you stay connected to people

Detailed Relationship Management

Just as automation software can improve your career at home and at the office, so too can relationship management software. These programs allow you to input more specific data fields than a regular contacts app and therefore will enable you to engage and develop your networking opportunities to a level you have not yet been able to achieve.

At Work

At work, relationship management software will often come in the form of a CRM, or customer relationship management software. It is this software that makes personalized marketing possible. Other examples of relationship software that a business could benefit from are programs that keep track of suppliers and other business opportunities.

At Home

Networking is a huge part of any career journey, so keep detailed accounts of your networking accomplishments. This way, when you reach out, you can provide personal information that you would otherwise have forgotten. For example, if when you met, they mentioned being interested in a certain topic. As you have noted it down, you can then share a relevant piece of information you come across later on, thus developing your relationship naturally.

Online Learning

Then, there is the power of online learning. Every employer has an incentive to acquire employees who actively aim to improve their knowledge base and skillset, as these employees are often cheaper in the long run and more profitable than, say, hiring new talent whenever trends and technologies change too much. Learning this way can, therefore, give you the qualifications you need to advance your career, but even if you are happy in your current position, learning online can help you improve your vocabulary, and in general, help you stay fulfilled in your everyday life.

Free Courses

Free courses are great to keep your mind sharp and to provide you with greater context in any subject. In some cases you can even pay for a certificate of completion, allowing you to use it to further your career later on.

University Courses

Being able to learn online is relatively new, but what is an even more modern concept is being able to take a university course and achieve a recognized degree entirely from your home computer. For those who are working, it allows you the ability to obtain your accreditation slowly and finally advance your career. For example, if you are in business, you can get ahead of all your competition and become a real asset to your company by studying business law. So long as you already have a bachelors in business, you can learn as you work and finally achieve a Master of Business Law entirely online. This allows you to minimize the amount of work you take on and can help you afford each credit without going into debt. On the other hand, it also means you can achieve your masters in as little as two years, all without needing to go to campus.

Become a Digital Thought Leader

If you want to become a leader in your industry, then don’t wait until you have a high ranking position to start making your mark. With the power of digital tools and the Internet, you can start a very successful website or blog that sets you and your personal brand apart from the rest. Done right, you can then become a huge influencer in your industry, and even open up the possibility of becoming an independent contractor in the future.

Connect with New Professionals in Your Field

Having a relationship management program on hand can help you keep up to date with your networked professionals, but it won’t help you with connecting with new people. Thankfully, nowadays you don’t have to make an immediate impression at a highly formal and impersonal networking event. Today, you can use the power of the Internet and forge real bonds online.

Meet Emerging Professionals Online

Through social media, you can meet many like-minded professionals in your field or area of interest. Those who are also just starting out, or those with a small following, in particular, are perfect to try to build a natural relationship with online.

How to Meet and Network

Once you have established a rapport with these digital entrepreneurs, you can then take it one step further and organize a meetup. This is how groups form and online profiles become true influencers, so connect with the friends you make online and see how you can collaborate together.

Run Your Own Business Online

Last but not least, you can use technology to break off and start your own company. You can do this at the start of your career if you are confident enough in your business model, or it can be achieved once you have delved deep and know all that there is to know about the industry. The best part about using digital tools to accomplish this task is that you can then run your business as a side project next to your full-time job, reducing the overall risk and allowing you to work through the common challenges until you have become a great success.

Technology has so many different uses that it is a mistake to try to accomplish your daily tasks – at work and at home – by yourself. Instead, make use of the power that technology can provide, and use it to automate admin tasks, further your education and skillset, and, of course, network and even start your own business. There are few limits which cannot be reached with the right software, so invest in your life today and get the programs you need.