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How online vet services are shaping the future of veterinary

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Online vet services, also known as online veterinarian teletriage subscriptions, are rising lately. Choosing an absolute favorite can be pretty complicated, with dozens of companies offering unique subscription options. The routine we’re living in is often too intense to cope with usual assignments and responsibilities.

Still, we need to have our beloved pets regularly checked up at veterinarians to ensure they’re in their best health. The good news is that the online veterinarian teletriage we’ve mentioned earlier is booming. The niche of veterinary has never been more accessible for regular pet parents.

Before, you had to take a long ride to the nearest vet clinic, pay a significant sum of money for a mere consultation, and have your pet’s tail stressful wiggling along the way. All of it can be eliminated when using an online veterinary service. Let’s review how such services work and why they seem so revolutionary in the long run.

Benefits of online veterinary

While the benefits of going through a regular veterinarian check-up are more or less apparent, you might not realize how progressive an online counterpart actually is. Some of the most obvious perks of online vet services are:

  • Flexibility. Forget about stressful commutes and hidden fees. Just start an online chat or a video call with a certified vet and get your questions and concerns answered and clarified, respectively.
  • Cost-efficiency. It is no surprise that many veterinary rides could have just been chats. So, instead of paying anywhere from $100 for a regular visit, you can save funds at ease when using a subscription-based online veterinary service.
  • Personalized care. If your case is not an emergency and your cat or dog generally feels well, a veterinary practitioner can offer personalized consultation. Feel free to build a schedule and discuss anything from nutrition and exercise to behavior and separation anxiety. It’s all covered under a single umbrella.

Take Petcube Online Vet as an example of a service that does its best to provide decent online veterinary coverage. For $19.99/month, you get an unlimited number of chats with certified vets, which will answer all your questions in the blink of an eye. Forget about messy rides and queues in vet clinics since you won’t have to experience those for simple consultations available with 24/7 online vet.

A note on the type of online veterinary care

As in the example of a decent service we’ve mentioned, online teletriage works best when you have general questions or concerns about your pet’s health. Your local veterinarian should still review emergency cases, such as throwing up, lethargy, or traumas. Still, having an option to talk to a vet online first is exceptionally useful for most pet parents.

When appropriately used, Vet Services by Petcube, for instance, can be time-saving and significantly contribute to your pet’s healthcare. Like all the other technologies are expanding and getting more prominent, missing out on online veterinary services is unfortunate. Thus, if you were still hesitant about choosing the one, you’re now more aware of the benefits and what to expect from a digital vet visit.

Story by Oleh Boiko

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