How come the casinos always win in the end?

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Since casinos and gambling have existed, people have turned to them for a couple of things. First, people enjoy the thrill. Making bets with friends or against dealers, and playing classic games, is a great experience. Secondly, it brings with it the opportunity to win money. Let’s face it – when you go to a casino or play online casino games, you think about how much money you can win and what you would do with it.

And, while it’s entirely possible to win big in land-based and online casinos, it’s also true that the casino always wins. It’s a matter of the law of averages, and a couple of other things, that means casinos keep winning and making money even when many people go home delighted with a pile of cash in their pocket.

So how do they do it?

Keeping You Playing

Ever noticed how online casinos give you increasingly great deals? When you sign up to become a member you’ll be given free spins on the slots, match bonuses, and access to a number of other promotional offers that give you to win more, and gamble more.

According to as time goes by, you’ll be given more and more deals designed to keep you playing, and this is how casinos keep on winning. The more you play, the more likely it is that you will lose money. They even win when they give you free money to gamble with, and here’s how.

When you deposit money into your account and it’s doubled or tripled by the casino, it encourages players to make more bets and play more games. Then, when you win money, that is deposited into your account – but it comes with a catch. Most websites use wagering requirements as a way of ensuring that you don’t win free money, then cash out and leave. The winnings you make from match bonuses can only be withdrawn when you have deposited more into your account – meaning every win is really a loss.

You might not notice it over long periods of time, but even when you make big gains, the casino is winning.

In land-based casinos, other methods are used to keep people playing. In big cities, casinos are often the place where you’ll find the cheapest drinks and food. They offer exquisite, luxurious surroundings, that encourage you to stay. The longer you stay, the more you drink and eat, and the more you enjoy yourself, the more likely you are to continue playing games – and the longer you stay, the more money the casino takes in.

Casinos Write Their Own Rules

Not only do casinos work to ensure people stay playing as long as possible, they get to make their own rules! That’s not to say that casinos can break the law. What is really true is that casinos get to choose most of the conditions of playing games in their establishment, within the boundaries of the law. That means they can’t lie to you or manipulate you, but they can make the information publicly available and ensure gamers know what their chances are when they play. That doesn’t stop people from playing.

In online casinos, this means that the platform gets to choose the odds that people have of winning when they play. This is known as the “house edge.” It is much easier for online establishments to change the house edge and give people a smaller chance of winning, and it’s generally a big tougher to do that in land-based casinos.

Regardless, casinos can take other steps to ensure that players do not have any special advantage over the house. One such measure is the banning of counting cards, which is a practice in Blackjack that gives the player the advantage. While the strategy itself isn’t illegal, if a casino suspects that you are counting cards to win the game, then you may be asked to leave or even banned from attending the casino again in the future.

What’s more, there are many games that offer a great house edge to the casino. Card games like Craps and Blackjack are actually the best for players, as they involve some level of skill. However, games that are based entirely on chance give the casinos the chance to win more – particularly in Roulette which, depending how you play the game, gives you a much greater chance of losing than winning. It works in a similar way to the lottery in that people are willing to place lots of small bets because they know there’s a chance of winning a big sum of cash.

In the end, even when somebody wins that big pot of chips, the casino has taken in a huge chunk of money and profited from those who lost.

So remember, even if you win, the casino won more.

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