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How a VPN can keep you secure in cyber-space?

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The World Wide Web has grown to an extent where it touches, influences and facilitates individuals as well as businesses around the world. The amount of data that flows over the internet has made it a hub for not just productive activities but unfortunately, for a host of crime as well. Moreover, online security is not just about protecting against hacks and theft of private data but also about stopping its misuse by businesses looking to advertise through the information they collect online.

How the cyberspace has become insecure

Data is one of the most valuable currencies these days. A simple list of phone numbers can also be sold because there are parties willing to utilize them to send text messages to potential and current customers. The problem is that this sometimes occurs without consent of the receiver. And, this is just the tip of the iceberg. There are more serious threats lurking on the cyberspace these days and the damages they cause have reached $5 trillion globally.

Common threats that users may face

Cybercrime trends have developed at such a rapid pace in modern times that normal people could not catch up. Businesses themselves were at times unequipped to deal with this nuisance. Industry experts agree that cyber criminals have the advantage over the rest of us, and hold that intact. Malware is the most prevalent category that includes a number of viruses and bugs introduced into the user’s device to either take control of it or steal from it any sensitive data.

Common malware includes ransomware, trojans, spyware, viruses and much more about which we do not yet know. Hackers are smart. They’re quick to respond with a new one as soon as we discover one virus. Another challenge is phishing which includes various methods to lure unsuspecting victims on the internet. Through email attachments in established formats like MS Word or Excel, the’ bait’ is left for users. Consumers are ignorant of the dangers so they open the file or submit online survey details that they may be innocuous. In truth they aren’t.

Data tracking is by far the fastest growing and now considered normal way of identity theft. Each and every online business or entity has accessible some sort of data tracking to track their tourists. Internet Service Providers are the first data logging provider and what is more concerning is that they have the power to sell personal information to third parties. Consumers do not have a choice in that and unwillingly fall victim to it.

What does a VPN do?

A VPN is a tool that hides user location that can be found out through reverse engineering their public IP addresses. This IP is like a virtual location beacon which highlights where a user and their system is located. A VPN hides this IP address by rerouting data through a secure server owned by the service. In this manner, hackers and other entities trying to spy on people or to steal any kind of information from them hit a dead end at the VPN service.

If you are new to the concept of IP and wondering what is my IP location? You can simply go to Google and find it out. Type ‘my current IP address’ and hit Enter. Now imagine, if you are able to see this on Google, which is one of the most public platforms out there, how hard it would be for anyone else with the right tools to figure it out. It’s just something to think about and if it gets you worried for your online privacy then all the better.

Benefits of using a VPN

There are several benefits of using a VPN for windows. These range from protection of online identity to enabling unparalleled internet freedom. VPNs have grown extensively in popularity over the last few years not just due to the heavy regulation of the internet but also because of the threats that are being faced by all kinds of users. Some of the biggest corporations around the world have suffered hacks as well as data theft. Here are some benefits that VPNs offer:

Protection of online privacy

Privacy is a fundamental human right and since most of our lives are now online, the importance of digital data protection has become tantamount. A VPN hides the users location which makes it very hard for hackers as well as other organizations to spy or siphon off data in any form or quantity. Our internet service providers also sometimes keep logs of user internet history and with a VPN this is also stopped effectively.

Safeguard against a variety of cyber threats

It is important before anything else to know the importance of selecting a good VPN. You are entrusting it to protect your data online and it is imperative that the VPN be trustworthy in this regard. Leading VPN have advanced threat detection and repulsion parameters. All kinds of malware including spyware, adware and ransomware are filtered out by these services.

Data security at all times

A VPN is your 24/7 protection against all kinds of threats. Efficient VPNs provide at least 256-bit end-to-end encryption protocols to help protect data even during transit. On top of this, there are advanced protocols available to add enhanced layers of protection to secure the data even more. It all depends on what level of safety you are comfortable with.

Unlimited internet freedom

The benefits of a VPN go way beyond just privacy and data protection. The internet is becoming heavily censored with brands and organizations limiting the reach of their services. Streaming services like Netflix, Amazon and Disney have different libraries divided based on regions. One show which is available in US may not be in the UK. For unrestricted access to content like this you’ll need a Disney Plus VPN or another similar service. Thankfully, good VPNs provide all this in one package.


VPN usage has become crucial these days. If you haven’t already, it is time that you begin using a VPN for Windows. Just make sure you research and only use the most reliable services in the market.

Article by Scott O’Connor. O’Connor is a cyber-security professional. He’s been writing in the internet privacy niche for a while now and has churned variety of informational pieces to educate his audience. Connect with him on Twitter.

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