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History of car races in the U.S.

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Car races are very popular in the U.S. and all over the world for that matter. However, the United States is the birthplace of stock car races and the origin of the National Association of Stock Car Auto Racing (NASCAR) Company that sanctions over 1,500 car races in 48 all over the States. Mexico, Canada and even Europe.

With the Echopark Texas Grand Prix right around the corner, people are looking for reliable sports betting guides in preparations for the upcoming event. People are well-aware of such events and they are more than excited to see the outcome of the race. That being said, let’s remind everyone how it all began by looking back at the history of car races in the U.S.

The origins of stock cars

During the prohibition period in the U.S. drivers who were smuggling or bootlegging whiskey would modify their cars to have more handling, improved speed and, of course, have more cargo space. This allowed the drivers to elude police vehicles in high-speed chases.

By 1933, the prohibition was repealed and whiskey smuggling was no longer necessary. However, southern smugglers did develop a taste for moonshine which they made themselves. Stock car modifications continued on only this time they were used to evade tax collectors.

The creation of NASCAR

Back in the day, Daytona beach was already famous as a place for land speed records. William France Sr. also known as “Big Bill” who was a mechanic, moved to Daytona in 1935 to escape the great depression. He was aware of  stock car races in the south as well as land speed record attempts in the area.

He even participated in the Daytona event in 1936 finishing in fifth place. He had an idea that people would actually love watching stock car races and he was right. On December 14, 1947, Bill started negotiating with racers and promoters which led to the creation of NASCAR in 1948.

The legacy

By the early 2000s, NASCAR had become very popular with its own community of fans and enthusiasts. From 2005 until 2010, NASCAR races were organized in both Mexico and Canada.

By the time Toyota joined NASCAR in 2006, races were also organized in Europe. Today, NASCAR is a world renowned brand with coverage in both the offline and online world. People from all over the globe join together to watch these insanely intense stock car races.

Closing words

What began as a smuggling operation by the locals in the Southern United States turned out to be one of the major sports events in history. Stock car races in the U.S. gained immense popularity that has spread all over the world.

Story by Iris Sabor

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