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Here’s why you should be excited about 2019 in horse racing sport

We have had a lot of improvements in every sport in the last decade. And, horse racing events saw a significant growth in the number of spectators and the people involved in general with horse racing.

This year, 2019, is expected to be the most exciting and challenging for the spectators and the riders. In this article, we will discuss about what’s going to happen this year and would it be wise to bet alongside?

National Hunt Racing events

National Hunt Racing refers to where the horses race while jumping the fences and avoiding the obstacles like ditches as well. A lot of you folks must be confused about what it is – if you are not from Ireland, UK, or France.

For these three countries, the National Hunt racing is not just about the horse jumping over the fences but also including obstacles in the race course. Of course, depending on what you like – you should go to spectate those events – it is a bliss!

The races are graded as well – if you are someone who’s new to the horse racing following. The best grade/classes will get the highest money as well. Maybe, this year, can inspire you to be a rider, a trainer, or simply a gambler? Whatever you wish to be – it all starts by knowing about the biggest events. So, let’s talk about them.

The Grand National

Of course, one of the biggest reasons to get excited is the Grand National to be held at Aintree racecourse in Liverpool, England. It is the biggest of them all and with the largest prize pool as well. The course generally features larger fences when compared to other race tracks for national hunt events.

Now, ITV is broadcasting the event when it goes live. And, as per some stats, 600 million + subscribers tune in to watch the event in over 100 countries. That is insane! And, if you didn’t know about this by any chance – you will be tuning in as well (hopefully!).

In 2018, Tiger Roll won the race, I will be looking forward to who wins this time. Here, you will observe steeplechase race and should expect the best riders & trained horses.

Now, the main question, when is the event going to take place this year. Well, it launches in April 4 (Thursday) and then the Ladies Day on April 5th. In the end, will be the Grand National Day in April 6. You can check out the tickets on Jockey Club website as well.

Cheltenham Festival

Cheltenham Festival is also something big, but second to the Grand National. The prize money is also huge, but lower than the former. It is interesting to note that it was first termed as the Grand National Meeting, and then later as the race course shifted to Cheltenham, it was a different thing.

The race happens in Cheltenham Racescource – hence, the name of the national hunt racing meet. As you might have already guessed that this would be probably held before the Grand National. So, yes, you are correct – it is due in March 12th and will end in March 15th.

A large amount of money is usually gambled for this event and Cheltenham betting offers are available as per how much you want to gamble for. It is a big event – so the stakes will be high.

Should you get excited on gambling?

We did mention two of the biggest horse racing events above. So, obviously, for the gamblers, this should be a golden opportunity – considering on what they have to lose, if they don’t make it.

Personally, I won’t give you a straight answer – because it depends. And, of course, just because it is legal – you be the judge. And, you have to decide on what matters for it.

Wrapping up

2019 is definitely going to be one of the best years for horse racing events. No matter whether you opt to see the national hunt racing events or any casual events. It will be exciting to look forward to new enthusiasts, riders, and well-trained / bred horses for the race.

You can get the tickets for the major events online and if you are unaware of the dates , you can check that too.

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