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Here’s where to find all those products you see on TV

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“Have you ever wondered if there’s an easier way to clean pet hair/sharpen your knives/mop your floors?” You’ve seen those commercials, likely many times. And indeed, you’ve seen them flash a screen at the end of the commercial and say, “Here’s how to order!”

Have you ever seen one of those products that interested you but couldn’t get a piece of paper and a pen quickly enough to record the phone number? Was your phone too far away to dial that number right then and there? Did you not want to skip out on watching your favorite show to get that fantastic deal?

Thankfully, those deals aren’t lost forever if you cannot get that random phone number at the end of the commercial; you can still find those deals, and you don’t have to be a brilliant cybersleuth to find them, either.

Check your local store

If you want those deals now, you may want to check at your local store. Many stores, such as Walgreens, have a specific “As Seen on TV” section. While their options aren’t always robust, many of the most popular items seen on mid-afternoon commercials can be found in this section.

Walmarts often have a similar section; while it may not be labeled “As Seen on TV,” you can usually find them near the front of the store, close to the checkout lanes. Many of these products have similar packaging, with a bold yellow stripe at the top and text that explains what the product does.

This is a good option if you don’t want to wait to get your product; although it’s not as reliable a method, the stores will not always carry the full array of products you may want.

Search Amazon and eBay

Assuming that you don’t wish to leave the comfort of your home to find maybe one or two of those exciting items you saw in a commercial, you can find all those items online now; just check a digital marketplace.

Amazon and eBay, easily the most well-known digital marketplaces, feature sellers who are offering just about any good you could want. This includes many “As Seen on TV” products. An advantage over checking in your local store; often you can find used products for cheap.

That said, be wary when you’re purchasing goods on a digital marketplace; always check to see if the seller is trustworthy. Each marketplace shows a score for sellers, showing when a seller is reliable or not. Check that score, and consider finding a different seller if the score isn’t nearly perfect.

If you’re purchasing used products, be prepared to see some minor cosmetic damage to the product. While this doesn’t mean that the product itself is malfunctioning, this can be unpleasant to see.

Consider checking on Bulbhead’s website

Should you wish to skip the middleman and order from the source, you may want to check the official website for BulbHead. BulbHead is the company that explicitly makes many of the products you will see in those commercials.

Ordering directly from BulbHead has advantages that neither digital marketplaces nor brick-and-mortar stores can offer. Because you are buying from the distributor, you have access to a strong customer service team at nearly any hour.

BulbHead also accepts many of the same forms of payment that digital marketplaces take; besides standard debit cards, BulbHead accepts Paypal, Amazon Pay, and Apple Pay.

If you purchase directly from BulbHead, you also get their comprehensive return policy if your product is unsatisfactory or damaged. While most stores offer a return policy, BulbHead cuts out a lot of the red tape that a physical store or digital marketplace would have you endure.

Should you see several products that they sell that catch your eye, you may also consider signing up for news updates from them; this way, you can see when they develop new products which you may consider exciting and worthy of buying in the future.

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