Here are the best CBD hemp flower strains

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It is no longer an overstatement to say that CBD has come to light up our world. From the moment it walked through the door, up until now, CBD has proven itself time and again to be the ultimate one-size-fits-all solution we’ve all craved.

As a result, everyone has been turning to it – in its various forms (gummies, capsules, oils, flowers, candies, etc.) in an attempt to address their health issues.

But would you believe it if I told that of all the forms of CBD you might have come across, none is as effective as CBD flower? Yes, and that includes the world-famous variants, such as CBD oils and CBD gummies.

Why are CBD flowers more effective than the other variants of CBD?

In simple terms, CBD hemp flowers are the flowers of the industrial hemp plant! Unlike the other variants of CBD, this particular variant contains many naturally occurring cannabinoids, and even much more than you’d find in CBD oils or gummies. The reason behind this is that CBD hemp flower does not have to go through the same rigorous extraction process as the other variants of CBD, many of which destroys the plant’s natural waxes, and limits the entourage effect of the plant.

CBD flower is simply harvested and dried before being packaged for selling. Because of this, CBD flower contains a much greater number of hemp’s naturally occurring cannabinoids and waxes compared to any other CBD delivery format.

Best strains of CBD hemp flowers

As you might have guessed, CBD hemp flowers do come in various forms and strains, too, with some strains containing more cannabinoids than the others.

Due to the difference in their CBD contents, different CBD flower strains boast a different level of therapeutic benefits.

It is in this light that we’ve compiled a list comprising the cream of the crop.

Cherry Wine

If you’re looking for a strain of hemp flower that carries as much as 22% CBD, you need not look beyond the Cherry Wine strain. As a successful cross between the Charlottes Cherries and Wife strains, Cherry Wine comes with a very low THC content (a feature that makes it incapable of getting you “high”) and a very high CBD content.

For a physical or mental restoration, you can always trust the Cherry Wine strain to pull it off for you. And for lovers of sweet-tastes, this strain also comes with an aromatic scent, coupled with a distinct note of sweet cherry and subtle hints of black pepper. Hence the name Cherry Wine!

But be careful, due to the exceptionality of this strain, it has been attracting an enormous amount of interest lately, and a lot of clones are starting to find their way into the market too.


Even if you’re not a CBD-enthusiast, the Electra strain is surely going to leave you hoping you had discovered it sooner. But for a connoisseur, this unique CBD-rich strain unlocks a king’s ransom of aromas.

Although it does leave a woodsy feeling in your mouth, its sweet citrusy and nutty taste is enough to make you long for more. As a sweet, citrusy, and pinesy strain, the Electra is always a splendid treat for the pipe and palate alike.


If you don’t mind getting elevated after consuming your dose of CBD, the lifter should be your hemp flower choice. As the name might have hinted you, this strain gets you lifted. With a THC content of about 0.3% and a CBD content of up to 14-20%, lifter offers you all the therapeutic benefits you might expect to get from a CBD-infused product, while also elevating your mood and aura.

Lifter boasts a bold aroma redolent of everything from lemon zest and pineapple to pine and white pepper.


Is there any hemp flower strain out there that beats the Spectrum? I sincerely doubt it actually! Not if that strain is able to beat the Spectrum at its game of offering chills, elevation, and a wide variety of therapeutic benefits. As a terpene-rich bud with higher THC contents than most, Spectrum is an out-and-out powerhouse, capable of getting the pants off your standard ACDC.

Sweet Premium

Just as the name suggests, this strain is simply SWEET. As a helluva strain, this strain comes with no seeds, nor stems, only medium-sized A-grade flowers with large, dense buds.

T1 Flower

T1 flower is truly a delight for all and sundry. With its elegant notes of mint, citrus, and lavender, T1 makes for a great vaping experience. And less I forget, its lemon-lime flavor also makes it complimentary to tea and salads alike, so you might want to incorporate this in your early morning regimen.


One of the very few strains you’d find around without any sign of psychoactivity. An absolute best for first-timers and an exceptional choice for people looking to unwind, Wife is as reliable as a stranger in the dark. With the Wife strain, you’re guaranteed to enjoy hours of tranquility and several stomach-soothing properties.

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