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Guide for chlorine removal body wash

outdoor shower womanEspecially around the summer time we are trying to cool off in the pools. Public pools contain chlorine to keep the water clean.

The chlorine prevents bacteria from growing which makes it safe to swim. You may have noticed after a swim day or swimming week that you feel very dry.

You have probably taken your normal showers with soap and water and even tried moisturizer. What you need is a chlorine removal body wash. TRIHARD offers an after-swim body wash to remove the chlorine and add moisture.

Today we are going to answer some common questions about chlorine removal body wash so you can have smooth and healed skin.

What happens if you don’t shower after swimming?

If you don’t shower and wash your body after swimming the chlorine stays on your body. The chlorine can make your skin and hair very dry. It strips the natural protective oils from your skin which can lead to dry and itchy skin.

For people with sensitive skin chlorine can lead to peeling and redness.

Can you wash the chlorine out with just water?

Water can rinse off some chlorine but not all and not enough. Chlorine chemically bonds to your hair and skin so water alone won’t remove the chlorine. You will experience alot of dryness which is why it is important to have a body wash and shampoo that adds moisture.

How does chlorine removal body wash work?

As we said chlorine creates a chemical bond to your hair and skin. Chlorine removal products have ingredients to release the bond and easily remove the chlorine.

These products essentially neutralize the chlorine, bromine, and salt water in your skin and hair.

A chlorine removal body wash will also add moisture to your skin to replenish the natural oils.

What is the difference between regular body wash and chlorine removal?

There are different types of body wash and a chlorine removal product is one of them. A generic body wash is used to get dirt off your skin and remove unwanted odor.

You may come across products that specialize in one action. For example, body wash can treat dryness, skin flaking, smell, clogged pores, etc.

A chlorine removal body wash is another product that has a goal which is to remove chlorine and add moisture.

How often do you need chlorine removal body wash?

It really depends how often you swim in chlorinated water. It is not necessary to use chlorine removal body wash unless you just went for a swim.

Thus, we recommend to buy body wash for the summer. You need to use it after every swim followed by moisturizer.

What body wash should you use after swimming?

We recommend the TRIHARD after-swim body wash. It is formulated with dead sea minerals and biodegradable apricot scrub. The tea tree oil provides deep cleansing to extract the pool chemicals followed buy coconut and almond oil.

The oils hydrate and calm down the irritation of the skin.

Final thoughts

That concludes our common questions about chlorine and body wash. Overall it is a great investment to take care of your skin. If you have kids or people with sensitive skin it is really important to remove the chlorine.

Take care of your skin and enjoy your swim.

Story by Celeste Rodriguez. Celeste is a student at Austin College. She is currently pursuing a business degree and interested in entrepreneurship. Before her career begins, she hopes to get the chance to travel internationally.

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