Guide to clean your vehicle’s tires

car tiresKeeping the tires clean is important because the dust on the tires can damage them. It should be kept in mind that if the dust sets on the wheels for a longer period, it will completely damage the covering of the wheel.

The dust that sits on a wheel is made up of carbon fiber and some other adhesive material. This material becomes corrosive when the wheel generates the friction and heat.

The only way to keep the wheel in a good working condition is to clean it frequently. Here we are providing you the guidelines for keeping your tires clean in a series of steps.


The first thing you need to know before cleaning your car’s tires is what material do you need to clean the wheels. Usually, the cleanliness of wheel requires a large, clean bucket, a dish soap, pressure washer and special solution designed for washing wheels.

These solutions are very easily available on different websites. The websites that sell cars, trucks and semi-truck parts, also sale solutions needed to wash tires. You are required to have a bristle brush to clean the dust from the surface of wheels without scrubbing the rubber out. Apart from solution, the wax for Wheel protection is also available in the market. The wax cloth is also available with wax.

Remove the Contaminants

Rinsing the wheel with water thoroughly is the first step for cleaning the dirt, mud and many other things from the tire. To get the dust off the wheel, a normal wash will be enough. Washing of the wheel should be done in such a way that it can remove the dirt from the inner rims of the wheels also.

After rinsing the wheel with water, take a bucket of water and add a dish soap in it. The dish soap is very effective in removing stubborn grease from the wheel surface. After applying the dish soap, scrub the rims and surface of the wheel.

Try to remove the contaminants from the wheel as much as possible. Be sure to wash between every part of the tires.

After completely scrubbing the wheel with the dish soap, rinse the Soapy water of the wheel with the pressure washer. Make sure that you rinse the wheel thoroughly to ensure that all the soap has been removed from the tire.

Metallic Contents

After that, move to the rims of the wheel. Your intention should be to make the wheel get rid of discoloration of the wheel, rust other metallic contents. You are needed to have a proper material to clean the rims. After cleaning the rims, move to the wheel spray. Spray the wheel thoroughly by working on one wheel at a time.

Leave the cleaner for 30 minutes on the surface of the wheel and let it thoroughly clean the wheel. Before you start the driving the vehicle, make sure that surface of the wheel is completely clean and dry.


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