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Five shrewd employment options for liberal arts majors

e-commerceThe weeks and months following college graduation can be some of the most stressful, exciting, and confusing times for young professionals. Indeed, trying to figure out where to apply for jobs, what industries to explore, and how best to secure a new line of work can be as draining as the actual job itself! This can be especially true for students with majors in the liberal arts, who may initially struggle to find gainful employment in their field of study. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to make yourself a more attractive hire to potential employers –– no matter what you majored in. To that end, here are five employment opportunities across industries that can be a great fit for liberal arts graduates:

Blogging, Writing, Editing

The written word has never been more powerful or influential in modern business than it is right now. That’s because the number of emails, blogs, articles, and advertisements that businesses use to promote themselves has reached astronomical levels. Virtually every business under the sun looks to build themselves up through savvy content creation, and no matter if they’re looking to push blood draw needles or football cleats, they need someone to write for them. Sharpening up your writing skills in general –– and in particular pursuing freelance work is a fantastic way for the creatively inclined person to get their foot in the door.

Web Design

Just as nearly every website needs quality content, most businesses struggle to find someone who can create functional and compelling web pages. Artistically driven individuals can put their degree to profitable use by working to design web pages that both catch the eye and perform a valuable service at the same time. Similar to blog writing, this work presents a myriad of freelancing options as well.

Human Resources

Liberal art students have an appreciation for how people interact with each other. As such, they’re often well-positioned to take up posts in social services or human resources. Being able to empathize, listen, and communicate effectively with others is essential to the job –– and those very traits are usually hallmarks of good liberal arts students!

Teacher/Paraprofessional Educator

For liberal arts graduates who don’t have the time to attend graduate school for another two years (at minimum), note that there are still positions in the educational field that you can apply for. Becoming a teacher’s aide or a paraprofessional educator is a great stepping-stone toward other teaching ambitions. Plus, depending on the job, you may also be able to take graduate classes for higher education in the summer if you so desire.

Social Media/Content Manager

If you enjoy spending time on social media platforms (and who doesn’t love flipping through Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter?) and you’re creative and dedicated, becoming a social-media coordinator, or a content manager might just be the perfect career path for you. Indeed, businesses recognize that having a strong presence on social media is imperative to improving sales performance. Remember that there’s a growing number of marketing and advertising agencies that value the passion and innovative nature most liberal arts grads exhibit. Be willing to improvise, bring a positive attitude, and you’ll be sure to find the right employer for your skill set in a flash.

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