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Five inspiring TED Talks about 3D printing

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Essentially everyone has heard of TED Talks, but not a lot of people are experienced 3D printers. However, through some TED Talks you could learn more about 3D printing San Diego. In this article five inspiring TED Talks about this technology will be mentioned, which is obviously not the same as sheet metal fabrication.

Aaron Chow | Re-Framing Failure to Re-Define Success

In this TED Talk Aaron Chow talks about the chance to try and re-define our goals. Some of his experiments kept failing, which he discovered by creating great prosthetics projects using 3D printing. Chow decided to change his goals in a flexible way, which led to him achieving several impressive results. Inspiring, that is the word that will stick in your mind after watching this video.

Anthony Atala | 3D printing a human kidney

Anthony Atala is a surgeon that was invited to have a TED Talk in 2011. He speaks about how it is possible to use additive manufacturing to develop human organs, which can help to solve the organ-donor problems. Since this TED Talk the science has obviously evolved so even more is possible nowadays. However, it is still a good introduction to organ 3D printing.

Lisa Harouni | A primer on 3D printing

In this TED Talk Lisa Harouni guides us through the basics of 3D printing. Before you can fully understand the potential of additive manufacturing, you need to think about what it even is. It is so inspiring to figure out that you go from data of an item to the real item, just by using a manufacturing technique. Harouni also talks about the design options made possible by 3D printing.

Joseph Desimone | What if 3D printing was 100x faster?

Joseph Desimone focuses in his TED Talk on the amount of time needed to print a three dimensional part using a manufacturing technique. He uses FDM, also known as Fused Deposition Modeling, as an example. Desimone finds this method way too slow, but also too imperfect. But, he also gives a possible answer to this issue: the CLIP 3D printing technology.

Avi Reichental | What’s next in 3D printing?

Innovation never stops. This is also the case for 3D printing. Avi Reichental discusses the possibilities offered by additive manufacturing in this TED Talk. A lot is possible with a 3D printer, Reichental shows that it can be used to change people’s lives.

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