Five great new CBD products worth giving a try

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The CBD industry is bigger than ever and this is mainly because countries and states are now more accepting of it. In the United States, it is federally legal to purchase. This is as long as the product doesn’t contain more than 0.3 percent of THC.

CBD or Cannabidiol is a compound or cannabinoid that accounts for up to 40 percent of the cannabis plant. This and THC or Tetrahydrocannabinol are the most commonly known compounds from the cannabis plant, but each is different. THC is the compound that can give the user a feeling of euphoria or high, while CBD doesn’t do this at all.

With more studies rolled out about the benefits of cannabis and its compounds, more people are now interested in trying this. Since CBD is what’s federally legal, this is what’s more available on the market. What’s great is that CBD now comes in different products. From oil to gummies to try, here are some CBD products that are worthy of your attention.

CBD Drinks

Coffee is always the go-to of many and it’s something that could either help them stay awake or keep them relaxed. Many coffee shops are now using or adding CBD in their drinks and people are on to it. Adding CBD to coffee appears to be a great idea because coffee can awaken your senses while CBD can make you a bit drowsy.

Drinking CBD coffee can basically make you feel calm and peaceful. The effects of coffee can be balanced by the CBD itself and so this can easily be the favorite of many. There are also read to drink coffee in cans that are now infused with CBD.

Water connoisseur? If you’re not a fan of sweet drinks but you want to stay hydrated with not just plain water, then sparkling water infused with CBD may be something that you should add to your shopping list. This just doesn’t keep you hydrated. It’s something nice to have if you’re thirsty and want to chill out for a bit.

Energy Shots

It’s already established that CBD is great for relaxing and chilling out, but there are now energy shots that are also infused with CBD. If you don’t enjoy energy shots or drinks because they easily give you the jitters, then this may be something that could work for you.

CBD energy shots or drinks can give you the boost you need before heading to the gym or if you need a late-night to finish a project. This is less likely to give you the jitters or palpitations that regular energy drinks are known to give some people.

Body Oil

CBD can also be used for pain relief and if you’re a fan of those minty products that you put on parts of your body to give you relief, then give this a try. CBD is known to have anti-inflammatory components and so you can use this for headaches, a stiff neck problem, muscle, and joint pains. Since CBD is also good for the skin, it will surely help your skin remain moisturized and nourished.

There are also body oils with CBD that are specifically made to treat skin problems like acne and pimples.

CBD Sweets and Mints

Even edibles are no exempt from this CBD craze and people with a sweet tooth are in for a treat. From chocolates to gummies, you name it. There are now many sweet treats that are infused with CBD. CBD chocolates are mostly for people who like the rich taste of cocoa while CBD gummies are best for people who miss this great sugary childhood treat.

Not a fan of sweets? CBD mints must be for you. If you’re fond of carrying mints with you just to freshen your breath, then go a step further and get mints with CBD. It won’t just freshen your breath but it could also help you feel calmer. It’s literally a chill pill.

Dog treats

CBD is not just great for humans. This can also be used for pets, unlike THC which you should not give your pets. There are now dog treats with CBD that can help your pet deal with problems like anxiety or chronic pain. Your pet doesn’t even have to deal with such problems if you want to give them this treat. Some pet owners would use CBD as a form of supplement to help their pets remain healthy and alert.

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