Finding cheap moving trucks for an office move

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When you are tight on budget and having a DIY move then finding cheap moving trucks is an important thing to do. Efforts, proper planning, and time are the elements required to get cheaper trucks. Luckily, when you will search for moving trucks, you will easily find numerous numbers of options to choose from so you can select a truck of size according to your requirements. But make sure you get the truck on rental at the right time. Planning ahead of time will save you from paying an extra amount to book the same at the end moment. If you are looking for other tips to get affordable services then check out these.  

The most recommended three rental companies

U-HAUL, Budget, and PENSKE are the three best truck rental companies that offer cheap moving trucks to their clients. You can choose any of these companies to get a truck of any size for rent. Some service providers provide one round trip while some round trips. You can pick any as per your requirements. But make sure you do enough research before hiring any.

  • Start the process by understanding the details: Not all moving trucks are the same so before you rent any, you should know your needs according to the volume of the stuff you want to move. Make an inventory of all the household stuff first.

You should ask a few questions to yourself:

  1. What type of items are required to move in?
  2. Whether you want to move fragile items?
  3. Your travel timeline and how flexible you are to move? If possible then move during the off-season.

According to the answers to these questions, you can find the right vehicle which will make your move easier and will transport all the items safely to their destination. Know all the factors that decide the cost such as distance needs to be traveled, the time you require to rent, location of company, amount of trips needed, time of the year, and so on. Also the smaller the size of truck you require for transportation, the lesser you have to pay and the less fuel will be needed.

  • Move-in off-season months: To save your money, you should move in off-season months moving from September through April or May. During this time, you can easily get special deals, discounts, and promotions that will help save money with ease.
  • Renting the right truck size: Do you know selecting the different truck sizes could increase or decrease the cost of transporting items? Like if you end up selecting a small size of the truck then the vehicle needs to go more than one trip to transport all your home belongings which will increase the cost of the move. The cost of fueling, the time of rental and other costs associated with it will significantly increase the charges while on the other hand, if you end up renting a large truck then you have to pay higher for it according to the volume it can carry inside. That is why it is important to pick the right size of the truck which can hold all the home belongings that you want to transport.

To do this, you should make an inventory at your home to know the approximate volume of the items that need to be transported. You can also take the help of the professionals who will help you in deciding the right truck size.

  • Don’t hesitate to negotiate: You should never hesitate to ask for negotiation. But you should know the right and effective negotiation strategies to convince them.
  • Avoid being extra charged by movers: You should avoid being extra charged so get the vehicle only after analyzing its condition. And make sure you refill the tank before returning so you don’t have to pay the charge of premium fuel rates. You should also read all the terms and conditions written in the contract and should try to return the vehicle on time so you don’t need to pay extra fees.
  • Advance booking: You should not wait until the last moment. Booking earlier will help get special deals and discounts. This also makes you get the availability of the right truck size else in the end, because of lots of books, you have to book from a lesser number of available vehicles and you might not get the one which suits to your needs and requirements.

During the summer months, getting a truck at a cost affordable rate is quite a difficult job to do therefore if you are flexible with your timeline then don’t move in the peak season.  

Bottom line

When looking for a way to cut down the cost of renting a moving truck, get the greatest deals and discounts from the companies. Conduct the research in the right way and took some important decisions, move at the right time, and follow the above tips to do it.

Story by Sachin Bhardwaj

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