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Facts about the green card renewal application

A green card is the common name that is used to refer to a permanent resident card awarded to U.S. immigrants who meet some pre-defined conditions. Even though the card is green in color, this bears little significance, and the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS) recognizes the document through its legal name: Permanent Residence card or Form I-551.

The green card allows immigrants to have permanent residence in America as well as an opportunity to enjoy certain governmental benefits. however, there are some rules and limitations that everyone with the card needs to be aware of in order to avoid any issues with the USCIS. In this article, we look at some of the facts about the green card renewal application. Visit for more details.

Green Card Expiration

First of all, according to the laws stipulated by the USCIS, you are required to file your green card renewal application once every decade. This does not mean that your permanent resident status can expire, and hence, there will be no need to undergo the application process again.

However, one is expected to have an unexpired card at all times, and since the physical card expires after 10 years, you have to ensure you are on the safe side. You can complete the application for a new card online. In case of any complexities, the best option is to look for an immigration attorney to help you with the procedure.

Filing taxes

When granted permanent residence to the U.S. via a green card, you will be required to file and pay all your taxes to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). This is regardless of whether you received the income from your home country, or even if you spent the whole year away from the U.S. while still being a card holder.

This may be surprising, but the IRS is able to assess income, even from U.S. citizens living abroad. Based on the amount of income, you might not be required to pay any taxes. However, you still have to file a report on any local or foreign income. To be on the safest side, you can visit a tax professional to help with the specifics.

Green card ownership is not the same as citizenship

Being granted a green card does not make you a U.S. citizen, nonetheless, it makes the process much easier. Also, note that citizenship is not a condition for being granted permanent residence in the U.S. even after receiving the card, you are still a citizen of your country and have to maintain your passport.

As a result, you will not be able to vote in any elections, you can be deported for some “crimes involving moral turpitude,” and you will not be issued with a U.S. passport.

Green card renewal application: Final words

Being in the know is always a good thing since it will help you avoid getting into trouble with the USCIS, IRS or other governmental departments that may lead to the cancellation of your permanent residence. A lot of green card holders have found themselves in deportation proceedings for seemingly minor crimes, but you can easily avoid this through a proper green card renewal application.

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