Evolution of vinyl players, historical chronology

businessThe world is not static, it is evolving in so many ways. A lot of things have undergone drastic evolutions that have made them much more different from what they once used to be. Vinyl players are one of such things. This article will guide you through a chronological history of the evolution of vinyl players in order to help you appreciate the ingenuity of the manufacturers as well as note the radical transformation that has since occurred.

In the beginning

The first type of what was close to a vinyl player was the Phonautograph that was invented by Leon Scott de Martinville’s in Jan 1857. These players were the first device that was capable of recording sound signals. These devices were magical when they were seen initially and held sway for quite a time until Nov 1877

New Toys

The evolution of Vinyl players continued on Nov 1877 when the great scientist, Thomas Edison invented the tinfoil cylinder phonograph. It is worthy of note that this device was the first device to successfully record a human voice. The invention was ground breaking. It became the favorite ‘toy’ of many music lovers but this also has its popularity curbed on Nov 1887.

One step higher

On Nov 1887, records collection went a step higher when the Gramophone was developed by Emile Berliner. This device was basically an upgraded version of the Phonautographs because the basic difference is that unlike the phonautogaphs, Gramophones were able to play discs. This was the first of the kind of disc players that were invented.

It is worthy of mention that Eldridge Johnson made history when he became the first person to make use of a spring motor record player in a hand-cranked motorized gramophone for Berliner in Jan 1986.

Getting better

It was until the 19th century, in the year 1906 to be precise that Vinyl records were invented. It took no time for this new devices to become the choice of many music enthusiasts.  It was double the size of a regular disc. Gramophones were used to play them by placing a needle on the records. The sound vibrations amplified by the speakers of the gramophone when the crank handle is turned was a new exciting feature that delighted music lovers considerably.

Introducing… Turntable

Not long after the Vinyl records became popular came the turntables. These magical instrument invented by Daniel Leland Cooley in Oct 1930 were game changers. It however was in the 1970s that there was a considerable surge in their popularity. The advent of DJs who made use of them to entertain people at parties and other social events made them very popular.

The movement of the vinyl disc back and forth to make the characteristic sound known as “scratching” by disk jockeys was also a popular feature that thrilled people.

Let’s play them long

What came after were the Long playing Records in Feb 1949. These were also trailblazers because they made what was never possible before then become possible. With these records, it became possible for artistes to record albums and store them in just one disk! This was indeed revolutionary! It became possible for companies to duplicate several copies of the songs of an artiste. Their sales was boosted and record collection became less cumbersome.

Before the invention of the Long playing records, if you want 10 songs from an artiste, you will have to possess 10 disks each containing a song. Record collection was not an easy feat as a result of this. However, the advent of these devices made sure that record collection became easier and fun,


Next on the line in the endless evolution of vinyl records is the portable stereo. Henry Kloss developed the first model referred to as KLH Model 11. They were invented in 1962. These devices also further made it possible to have a list albums all in a disk.


Our evolution story of vinyl records ends with the Technics SP-10 first developed in 1970. These are the current model of modern turntables. The ones that are being developed recently are basically an upgrade or improvement of this model.

As much as it is true that the history of vinyl records is not a very long one at that, it is however an undeniable truth that Vinyl records have had a very interesting history worth talking about. Each device that was developed was a further development that contributed in its own unique way to the exciting model we have right now.

Without any form of controversy, the past and present has been great so far, the future beckons. The more technology continues to advance, we can safely expect some improvement here and there or an eventual transformation that will make vinyl records different from what we have currently.

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