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Everest Business Funding shares the best email marketing tips for small businesses

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Is email marketing an outdated strategy? Today’s small businesses are quick to toss email marketing out the window when planning campaigns if past attempts have led to unmet goals regarding results. Unfortunately for those businesses who choose to give up on email marketing too early, it only takes a few minor changes to execute email marketing successfully, according to Everest Business Funding. As a small business’ trusted partner, Everest Business Funding exists to support the success of a business and offers these tips on how to reap the reward of email marketing:

Tip #1: Consistency is key

Some businesses fail to get desired results through email marketing due to a lack of consistency. Email marketing is an excellent way to build a brand’s name and build a dedicated audience that will want to click incoming emails. However, if emails are inconsistent or only seen around holiday specials, most likely, those receiving them will miss a message or scroll past it.

Tip #2: Quality is also key

The quality of an email and its consistency are perfect matches for email marketing success. As the saying goes, “quality over quantity” applies to email marketing as a tactic to create consumer interaction. By distributing quality emails that bring value to a target audience’s time and effort to read them, more customers will want to click and read an email.

Tip #3: Incorporate visuals

Businesses with no success in email marketing should also pay attention to the text to the visual ratio in past and future emails. It is critical to consider the human nature of target audiences, including aimlessly feeding through email. When readers do this, images such as pictures, videos, and graphs will grab audience members’ attention more than text.

Tip #4: Make sure the subject line hooks

Another great move to intrigue those on any business’ email list is to make sure to use the subject line as a way to spark curiosity and hook readers. The subject line of an email is the first thing a reader sees, and through email marketing, the main goal is to turn a reader, or consumer receiving emails, into a sale for an organization.

Tip #5: Generate response

Once a business has created emails with customer benefitting content and catchy subject lines, the focus should incorporate generating a response. To turn a reader into a transaction, an organization needs to add in a method of interaction and start with a clearly communicated ask. Directing readers to click on a link to view products or services, participate in a survey, schedule a meeting, and so forth are examples of how to fuel consumer engagement.

Tip #6: Avoid the spam box

It is common for marketing emails to filter into a consumer’s spam box or junk folder for multiple reasons. Using words and punctuation that spam flags in a subject line or making it difficult to unsubscribe from an email list are examples of how a business email can get sent to the spam folder. Pre-testing emails through a mock send can help catch this issue.

About Everest Business Funding

Everest Business Funding provides alternative finance options and revenue-based funding to small business owners. They serve a diverse pool of businesses, from healthcare to retail, to help them obtain working capital to grow, buy inventory, launch marketing campaigns, or hire staff. Everest Business Funding’s clients are treated with respect and receive high-quality guidance and service from its professionals.

Story by Jessica Brown

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