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Essential qualities to look for in a partner according to mature people experience

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Finding the perfect romantic partner might feel impossible sometimes. Not only does your perfect match look different than others, but you must also consider what qualities make a good match in any case. Going along that line of thinking, we have created a list of the best qualities that you should expect in a romantic partner that has the potential to be a significant other.

Before you start looking for a new partner, heal your anger about your past relationships.

While you may want to start looking for a new partner right away, the fact is that you should spend some time working on yourself first. That means you need to heal from the negativity that was present in your past relationship. All of us are looking for a specific set of qualities that is uniquely meaningful to us alone. Users from online dating site are sure that there are certain psychological characteristics both you and your partner can strive for that make the relationship successful. Healing can require therapy or time to process as you have been through in the past. Once you start seeking a partner, you need to find someone with some of the qualities we mention below.

They have the ability to self-disclose; they don’t try to defend themselves in your eyes.

You need to be able to trust your partner. That means they have to be willing to self-disclose information about their life to you. Moreover, they should talk about their past experiences, even the unpleasant ones, in a way that is honest and non-defensive.

They are respectful and care about your feelings; they have individual goals and priorities.

Another quality that you need in a partner is the ability to be respectful of one another. You should have goals in life and feel comfortable talking about them with a partner that is not going to make fun of you for having them.

A partner has the ability to reciprocate; they’re honest and live with integrity.

Your romantic partner has to know how to do things for other people. This person must be an honest individual that is not trying to get more at the cost of other people’s happiness or health. You can only trust a man when he has integrity; otherwise, his words will mean very little to you.

A partner has the ability to feel and express emotions, has empathy for and understanding of their partner.

A major part of a relationship hinges on the ability of the partners to recognize the feelings and emotions of the other person. That means you should understand when someone is upset, realize when you did something hurtful, and feel some of the pain you put others through. Having empathy allows your partner to put themselves in your position and then make changes when they see that they have had a negative impact on you.

A partner is physically affectionate and sexually responsive.

Affection is an important part of a relationship because it can make people feel wanted and loved in the partnership. You can demonstrate affection in numerous ways, starting with physical affection like hugs and then other forms of affection like using words. Your physical affection and sexuality have to be on a similar wavelength with your partner, or things will not end well.

A partner has the ability to take responsibility.

Lastly, you need a partner that will take responsibility for their actions. Nothing is more detrimental to a relationship than someone who makes excuses for poor behavior because it insinuates that nothing is keeping them from sinking right back into that behavior in the future. Find someone that knows how to accept their faults.

Things to watch out for

While we are on the topic of things that you need to see in a partner for a relationship to work, you should also keep an eye out for red flags. Any of these are surefire signs that the relationship could turn ugly.

  • Explosive anger: Uncontrollable rage can lead to physical harm.
  • Suspicion, distrust, and jealousy: Distrust ruins relationships and leads to insecurity.
  • A lecturing or condescending attitude: Being constantly corrected will make you question yourself.
  • Violent tendencies that build over time and are directed at those closest to them: Violence can be turned on you just as quickly as it has been turned on others.

Be aware of your partner’s tendencies, and remember to get out of a bad relationship as quickly as possible.

When you are starting a new relationship, you need the security that comes with good personal qualities in an individual. Using this guide, you should be prepared to see out wonderful partners that meet your needs. While not every man is a paragon of these qualities, they should be present in his personality before you start dating.


Story by Tim Robinson. Tim is an experienced relationship and dating expert from Austin, who loves traveling and exploration of any kind

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