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Essay writing tips for college applicants

How to get into the college of your dreams? Is having a good score rating enough? Does your application matter? These questions bother a lot of students when they prepare applications for the college or university of their dreams. If the issue with the scores is quite understandable for everyone, an essay issue is quite a disputable one. On the Internet, there are a lot of interesting opinions on this topic. Some students claim that an admission essay doesn’t matter at all, while others are completely sure that an admission essay is the only thing that influences the decision made by the college committee. So, who is right?

In fact, everything is equally important in your college application. But when it comes to an essay, admission officers pay special attention. When there is a tough decision which student to accept and which to reject, an admission essay plays a significant role. You definitely should be serious about writing a college essay. Today, you’re going to learn a couple of useful tricks of what to include and what to avoid in your application. It is always better to write such essay yourself, although you can always search for EssayOnTime writing services for qualified and fast help from experienced writers.

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What Is an Effective Application Essay?

An effective admission essay is presenting yourself as you are to a college committee rather than how you imagine that the admission officers might want you to be. Don’t try to look like an ideal person, combining all best features possible. Be yourself. The admission officers want to accept you, not an imaginary person, who you want to look like. College officers want to know you through your essay. So, when your application is ready, give it to your teacher, friend, or parents who know you well, and ask them whether your essay sounds like you or not. Keep this idea during the whole writing process. Don’t add unreal features, skills or experiences to your writing only to look better. No college is looking for the ideal students. They are looking for real students, who can identify themselves as unique and interesting personalities without trying to copy someone else.

And now, let’s have a look what information exactly should you include or avoid in your college writing.

Things to Write and Not to Write About in Your Application

  • Write down all the features, skills, and knowledge you have, on a separate piece of paper. Then, analyze them, pointing out what exactly you want a college committee to know about you from that list. Are you funny? Are you smart? Are you talented in music or sport? Do you like to read? Highlight what exactly you would like to tell the committee if you had a chance to talk to the admission officers in real life;
  • Don’t tell your entire life story in one essay. Point out only the defining moments of your life, which have influenced your personal growth and development. What are the most memorable moments you have? What can give a better understanding of you as a person through a one-page essay only? Be specific and concise;
  • If you are stuck with your essay, it is a good idea to interview your family members and friends about your personal qualities. Let them help you by providing the adjectives, which they would describe you with. Do not force yourself to write if you don’t want to do it at the moment. It is okay to take some time to think the whole concept over;
  • Avoid cliche phrases, curse words, and slang. If you include all of these in your admission essay, you risk being rejected immediately. Instead, stick to a conversational tone, trying to sound natural and simple;
  • If you want to include the story of someone else, who takes an important place in your life and influences you a lot, you can do it. But remember that a central character in your essay should be you but not someone else. Any information about other people should be contained in one paragraph maximum.

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