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Elisha Elbaz speaks about Digital Future, mobile marketing and his Instagram success

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Digital Future CEO Elisha Elbaz has joined a growing pack of Israelis who have taken bold steps and technical knowledge to proudly turn their country into the Silicon Valley of the Middle East.

At 34, Elisha Elbaz is not new to the entrepreneurial world, which he has been active in since the age of 21. In this candid interview with the founder of Digital Future we delved into the issues surrounding digital marketing, his influential Instagram presence and other interesting insights.

Elisha, what are the exact services that Digital Future provides?

As a full-service digital marketing agency, we specialize in branding campaigns and marketing strategies in order to increase brand value for companies. We work with clients from many different areas and these include app developers, media agencies and affiliate networks.

Currently, the mobile performance industry is one of the areas where a lot of hard work is being done to iron out issues. Even though the industry is booming, there is still a lack of transparency, feedback quality is lacking and revenue approvals and payments are slow.

Are these issues easy to solve, and how is Digital Future tackling them?

Of course, they can be solved and it’s our job to find solutions. We have already put a system in place that enables more control of traffic performance in real-time. Publishers and trade sources have access to frequent, quality feedback. We work with leading attribution tools to offer greater transparency and our fast payment and approval policy helps to build and maintain trust.

Where does the effectiveness of marketing strategy lie?

The effectiveness of marketing strategy is not only reliant on the company doing the digital marketing, even though it has the biggest responsibility. If brands want to achieve their goals, they also need to be committed to success.

We offer our partners features that bring them results in promoting their mobile apps to consumers, create lead generation, Instagram growth and more.

Elisha, even though you just recently started an Instagram account, you have had a phenomenal success. To what to you attribute this success?

Actually, I had been thinking about the idea for quite a while, and a bit earlier this year I decided it was time to get active on one of the popular platforms for our clients and their users. I have seen that the platform is a great tool for personal and professional growth.

Instagram is an important tool for brand building and that’s why it’s of interest to me. I aimed to make it successful by using the principles of brand building. These include presenting understandable and good quality content, promoting it to the audience and establishing their loyalty.

What is a typical day in the office like for you?

Busy! We process huge amounts of data on a daily basis. Communication is important in our business, so you can imagine that we do a lot of that. We are privileged to be accountable for thousands of campaigns that are worth millions in revenues. We have challenges and responsibilities and we strive for the best results for every one of our clients.

As a team, we constantly work on ways to improve our workflow and offer better services as the technology becomes available. We are very excited with the current introduction of more optimized technology.

When do you get time to relax?

I don’t get much time to relax, but make a point of taking some at regular intervals. Running a business is a full-time job, that is why I make a point of spending time with my biggest source of happiness and motivation, my family. I also enjoy working out and breakdancing, one of the best ways to get rid of stress and refresh the mind.

As we wrap up, what does the future look like for digital marketing?

Since its inception, digital marketing has been a fast-paced world of constant changes. This is because of the rapid leaps that the internet is compelling the industry to take. People are now spending far more time on their mobile devices than ever before. Mobile apps have become an easier way for them to reach out to their favorite brands. Steps to ensure transparency will increase acquisition payouts, and more influencers are set to move from affiliate marketing to creating their own brands. This is an exciting time for us in digital marketing.

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