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Donald Trump slams Virginia Republicans over primary loyalty oath

trumpThose who wish to vote in the Virginia Republican Party presidential primary will have to sign a pledge that they are a member of the GOP.

Donald Trump, who will not win the party nomination, has a big problem with that.

“It begins, Republican Party of Virginia, controlled by the RNC, is working hard to disallow independent, unaffiliated and new voters. BAD!” Trump tweeted Sunday, beginning a social-media tirade on the pledge, which of course is unenforceable and thus immaterial anyway, but still.

Trump needed to be fired up mad about something on Sunday. Might as well be this.

More from The Donald:

Virginia law does not allow parties to require registration for voting in party primaries.

The party in 2012 flirted with an oath that would have required voters to pledge to support the party nominee in the November general election before dropping the idea.

Again, it’s unenforceable, anyway.

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