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Do you need a software for survey design?

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Yes, you probably do. At least, if you want customized questionnaires in order to grasp your audience’s needs and priorities or to intercept leads and prospect customers. A software for survey design will help you gain the right answers and store them the easiest way.

You don’t need programming skills to do that: the most valuable softwares are easy to use, personalize and improve with new data, questions and answers.

How do survey softwares work?

If you need to conduct a data analysis about your audience’s, your customers’ or your employees’ habits and preferences, a software for survey design is essential. It must allow a great deal of customization, great storage space and a quick and easy to read data collection.

Here is how to use a survey software:

  • brainstorm the most important things you need to know based on your business needs;
  • pinpoint how you want to conduct the survey (via phone, web-based or in person);
  • choose the right survey design between multiple choice questions, rates, sliders and more;
  • write down your questions in the most efficient and intuitive way possible;
  • target the people to interview;
  • collect their consent in a lawful and respectful way;
  • choose the right people to conduct the interviews and train them for this task.

A flexible survey design is the best choice for a clear, straightforward questionnaire that will give you exactly the answers you need. For this purpose, idSurvey has an advanced software for survey design that will give you space for personalization.

Adapt your survey design to your needs

You can start with a preliminary design questionnaire and go through the process of A/B testing. Submit your survey to different groups of people with slightly different options in order to understand what is the best, most clear and useful way to deliver your questions.

You may find out that open questions are more difficult to answer than multiple choices, but they give you more detailed information. Or maybe a different choice of words is better understood by inverwied people than the first one you submitted.

Survey design should be flexible in order to meet your needs and the audience’s. Every person involved should feel comfortable enough to create a flowing and natural dialogue, being it written or talked on the phone.

The importance of graphic design in a survey

When you submit a questionnaire, you want it to be:

  • catchy, so that people will be interested in answering;
  • easy to read, to make it easier to fill it out;
  • minimal, in order to have limited but valuable data to monitor.

Survey design comes in handy with its graphic choices, which allows you to be both creative and efficient. Choose one or two colors for your questionnaire style, an intuitive way to scroll down questions and an easy design to induce the interviewed people to give you the shortest answer.

Short doesn’t mean irrelevant though: you can collect valuable information and conduct a serious study without being overly complicated. Just find the right survey design and start collecting data.

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