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Do gaming reviews affect video game sales? Maybe – here’s why

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Online gaming is one of the most popular recreational and free-time activities to do in the world. Along with being a relaxing and de-stressing activity, thousands of online gamers game professionally for a living, working with other members from around the world to beat levels and get far in the levels of online games.

For those who take gaming seriously, reading online game reviews is a key part of figuring out which online games are best to try, which are best to leave alone, and which games will reach peak popularity in a few years.

By taking into account different reviews regarding an online game, gamers can make a smart decision as to whether or not to spend their time practicing, trying to beat levels, and attempting to win the game.

The real question is – how much credit do gamers and consumers give video game reviews? Let’s see if online review sites can influence the popularity, number of sales, and long-lasting impression of a video game on the market today.

Do video game reviews affect sales?

With over 2.2 billion online gamers across the world, 1 billion of these active gamers spend their own money on video games. But what drives active video game users to purchase games they have never played? It’s easy – video game reviews.

Reviews are a huge factor contributing to a game’s success and whether people want to try a new product. If a video game is reviewed by top game sites, like Warpstar Media, people will already have a chance to read about the details, get to know the set-ups, and anticipate playing the game.

Most video game review sites collect scores and give a final rating to the game, giving the user an easy-to-see overall score. For example, the new Legend of Zelda game earned high ratings on game review sites, boosting its sales to 8.48 million on the Switch versions alone.

Characteristics of a video game review

There are certain qualities review sites should include in their analysis of a video game. Reviews should include the graphics, cinematics, content, music, controls, gameplay, and opinions. The game reviews should have a judgment of either strongly enjoying or strongly disliking the game and why. Readers want to see an opinion clearly pro or anti the game they are trying to decide to purchase.

Game quality is most important

Arguably the most important factor to getting good reviews is game quality. Companies need to ensure their products do not have bugs or glitches, which can cost millions of dollars in lost revenue. If a reviewer notices glitches, they may lower their total score, causing the business sales to plummet.


As you can see, video game review sites can strongly influence the selling of a game if they write comprehensive reviews. By including all facets of the game, and strongly giving a positive or negative opinion, gamers can clearly see the review of the online game and whether it will be a good fit for them.

Story by Brad Bernanke

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