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With the growth of technology, new ways of executing tasks and hitting financial targets are commonplace. One of the fast-rising sectors is auto-trading systems. These sophisticated software help users make investment decisions targeted primarily at maximising profit. One of the top names in this space is Bitcoin Profit.

The crypto trading software industry is still in its infancy, and there are no regulatory landmarks to guide keen users of software like Bitcoin Profit.

This guide will examine whether Bitcoin Profit is a scam and how investors can use the software to their advantage.

Bitcoin Profit Overview

Below is a snapshot of vital information regarding the Bitcoin Profit automated crypto trading platform.

Platform Type AI Trading Tool
Minimum Investment $250
Leveraged Trading Yes
Withdrawal Timeline Within 24 hours
Mobile App No
Supported Assets BTC only
Commission 2%

Invest responsibly. Your capital is at risk.

What is Bitcoin Profit?

Bitcoin Profit is a sophisticated crypto trading platform that uses powerful tools like artificial intelligence (AI), deep learning, and natural language processing (NLP) to automate the crypto trading process. The software is said to scour the crypto market for profitable trading opportunities.

Using high-level frequency trading (HFT) strategies, Bitcoin Profit can trade on Bitcoin’s volatility. The development team says the software can turn a profit even in a market downtrend by using short-selling strategies like scalping. Additionally, the website claims that its software can guarantee a 60% profitability ratio due to its high precision trading system.

Bitcoin Profit is focused on the trading of Bitcoin only. As a result, investors cannot use the software to trade the best new cryptocurrency assets. The automated crypto trading platform offers an undisclosed high leverage system. With leverage, users can borrow funds from the brokers the Bitcoin Profit team partners with to generate more returns on their investment. While leverage trading is a hugely popular strategy used by advanced traders to profit on little investments, it is also a highly risky move. A bad market call could potentially wipe out an investor’s entire portfolio. We advise users to use leverage minimally. Remember that trading is a risky enterprise.

The Bitcoin Profit has a minimum deposit of $250 for investors to access the AI-powered tool. It claims to work with brokers to execute their trades, although we could not verify this information. Investors are advised to interact cautiously with this software.

Bitcoin Profit offers only crypto CFD trading for the BTC asset. This makes it an asset-specific platform. While this means the platform focuses on the highest liquidity asset, it is not great for investors looking for multiple assets to diversify their trades on.

For withdrawals, Bitcoin Profit promises deposits to bank accounts and debit/credit cards within 24 hours. According to the development team, Bitcoin Profit has no fees for deposits and withdrawals.

The automated trading platform is said to be built with simplicity in mind. The registration process is quick; users only need to supply their full name and mobile number. Once a deposit is made, users can go live and start trading.

In our Bitcoin Profit review, we discovered that there is no Bitcoin Profit app. Investors need the web version to place their trades.

How Does Bitcoin Profit Work?

AI and other sub-set of power computer programs are trending in the financial investment landscape. In the past year, interest in crypto assets has increased, but the crypto industry’s volatile nature has put several investors off.

Automated crypto trading software have risen in popularity to address this lapse and allow investors to tap into the burgeoning industry. The Bitcoin Profit is one of this new generation of helpful investment tools. The software is automated, reducing human errors. It can carry out tasks like set limit orders, stop loss, and take profit positions.

Its AI and NLP features allow it to scan the market for profitable trading opportunities by considering an asset’s fundamental and technical performance across a given period. Once a profitable buy or sell position is realised, the information is immediately forwarded to its brokers for order execution. Bitcoin Profit claims these brokers are regulated, but we could not verify these claims.

The brokers confirm the user’s orders and maintain a trading account. Profit made from the trade is then deposited into the user’s trading account for either withdrawal or continued trading.

The close partnership with a broker signifies that Bitcoin Profit is not a direct trading platform. Instead, it only identifies trading ideas for investors to maximise their profits. With this, interested users will need to open a secondary account with a regional broker to utilise the crypto trading software fully.

Meanwhile, the team behind the Bitcoin Profit project is largely unknown, and while this is not uncommon in the crypto space, investors are advised only to invest an amount they can afford to lose.

Pros and Cons of Bitcoin Profit

Auto-trading crypto platforms are one of the most exciting aspects of the industry. Users can easily sit back and allow them to trade on their behalf. Traders getting started in the cryptocurrency market can utilise the software. However, while its usage requires no technical or industry experience, the crypto trading software has several demerits. Below, we highlight the pros and cons of Bitcoin Profit for keen users:


    • Fast withdrawal period
    • Leveraged trading
    • Automated trading process
    • No technical or industry experience needed
    • Reasonable minimum deposit
    • Zero deposit and withdrawal fees
    • Works with brokers
    • High trading accuracy
    • Secure platform


  • Claimed success rate of 60%
  • Zero details on the team
  • Supports only BTC
  • Offers only crypto CFDs

Invest responsibly. Your capital is at risk.

Bitcoin Profit Key Features

The Bitcoin Profit software comes with a truckload of powerful features investors can rely on to make profitable trades. However, we will cover five of the most vital attributes of the Bitcoin trading software.

Powerful AI Tool

The first distinguishing feature of Bitcoin Profit is its AI feature. With this in play, the platform can execute HFT strategies in a fast-paced Bitcoin trading landscape. The AI scours the crypto market for the most promising trading positions and executes them with little human interference. This allows it to hit its profit target easily as there is no human bias. It also gives a more comprehensive real-time view of the asset’s performance.

In making a trading decision, Bitcoin Profit also considers recent market news and trends to fine-tune its results for a profitable trade.

Zero Experience Needed

Bitcoin Profit is user-agnostic. It allows investors with differing trading backgrounds to make profits from their investments. Using the software does not require any technical and industry experience besides the basic ability to use a computer. Once the trade goes live, the software takes over the process and monitors the order till a profit is realised.

No Deposit or Withdrawal Fees

Fees are a crucial part of a user’s trading experience as they can determine how much the investor walks away with at the end of a trade. Several platforms charge for deposits and withdrawals, but this is not the case for the Bitcoin Profit platform. Deposits and withdrawals are free no matter the selected payment method.

Rapid Withdrawals

Our Bitcoin Profit review shows that withdrawal requests are usually fulfilled within hours. This is quite impressive. Swift withdrawals mean the platform is highly liquid, and users can get their profits anytime they need.

BTC Only Platform

The Bitcoin Profit platform offers trading solutions for only the Bitcoin asset. This makes it easy for the software to track the asset’s bullish and bearish support and probable resistance with high accuracy.

Bitcoin Profit Fees

As with any profit-driven enterprise, investors have to pay fees for accessing the trading software. However, users are not bogged down with unnecessary bills as Bitcoin Profit charges the bare minimum for its services. Below, we summarise the fees investors need to consider before going with the platform.

Minimum Deposit $250
Commission 2%
Registration fee None
Deposit Fee None
Withdrawal Fee 0.1%
Account maintenance fees None

As we mentioned earlier, users need to make a minimum deposit of $250 to access the software. Besides this minimum, the platform charges a 2% commission on profitable trades. This is said to be paid out to the brokers that support the Bitcoin Profit trading software.

Besides these two fees, there are no deposit, withdrawal, registration, or maintenance fees users need to be concerned about.

Is Bitcoin Profit a Scam?

The key question investors ask is: “is Bitcoin Profit a scam?” The answer is largely debatable, but the trading software claims to offer a legitimate service. Its anonymous team claims its AI tool can single out profitable trading trends that can earn as high as 60% daily profit for investors.

This claimed success rate is largely unverified. We could not find any data to back up its promises. However, we recommend that investors keen on using the software do so with proper risk management systems.

Bitcoin Profit Customer Support

A customer support team is key to a service provider’s offering. These professionals know how a service works and are meant to help users in their journey. Concerning the Bitcoin Profit customer support team, there is no way to reach out to them until a user signs up on the crypto trading platform. However, the platform states that a team is always on standby 24/7.

Bitcoin Profit Minimum Deposit

A minimum deposit states the starting price for a particular asset. According to its website, the minimum amount to access this crypto trading platform is $250. That’s the same as another trading robot we reviewed recently, Bitcoin Bank.

Investors are advised to only trade with the stipulated minimum as trading is a risk-prone activity and crypto trading bot software is unregulated.

How to Use Bitcoin Profit

For those that decide to use Bitcoin Profit the steps are:

Step 1: Create an Account

Navigate to the Bitcoin Profit website and register for a new individual trading account.

Investors must provide their full names, mobile numbers, and valid email addresses. After these details are inserted, tap on the ‘Register’ button. The entire signing-up process is quick and seamless.

Step 2: Deposit Funds

Bitcoin Profit has a required minimum deposit of $250, and investors can fund their account using a bank transfer or a debit/credit card. Tap on the ‘Deposit’ button and select a deposit method. Insert the stated minimum, and tap on ‘Confirm’ to complete the process.

Step 3: Demo Trade

Bitcoin Profit offers a demo trading feature. This is geared towards instructing users on how the platform works by providing them with needed tutorials and materials to help them navigate the software easily. Users can try out the features and monitor the BTC price in real-time compared to the Bitcoin trading software.

Step 4: Live Trading

Once a user is familiar with the platform, they can proceed to the live trading page. All they need to do is tap on ‘Live’ to start the Bitcoin Profit AI trading software. Once a profitable trade is identified, the program will allegedly forward it to a broker and monitor the trade.

The Verdict

One of the popular automated crypto trading platforms in the cryptocurrency space is Bitcoin Profit. Since crypto assets remain volatile, software like Bitcoin Profit will remain in demand. This is due to their higher success rate than human traders and automated process.

However, we could not verify Bitcoin Profit’s winrate claims and advise users to interact with the platform with proper risk measures.

Invest responsibly. Your capital is at risk.


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Jimmy Aki

Jimmy Aki

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