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Fear and Loathing in Waynesboro column by Chris Graham

From the home office in Downtown Waynesboro …

The Top 11 Things That We Could Have Done Better With The $126,000 That We Paid To Doug Walker Not To Be Our City Manager …

11. Bought five new police cars.

10. Not closed the bulk-refuse collection center. (And had $90,000 left over, which we could maybe use to replace the knuckleboom truck that’s supposed to pick up what we can’t take to the dump ourselves now.)

9. Done $126K more of stormwater work. (Bringing us to about half of where we were supposed to be with the improvements in Year One.)

8. Taken a penny off the real-estate tax. (Average you-and-me taxpayer impact: $17; average multimillionaire businessman taxpayer impact: $500.)

7. Bought $126,000 in Sam’s Hot Dogs. (Projected average hot-dog take per Waynesboro resident: 7.)

6. We’d be a fifth of the way to finishing the downtown streetscape project that they started nine years ago!

5. I’d bet we’d be close to putting lights on ballfields at Ridgeview Park, if not all the way there.

4. Thrown a kick-ass victory parade for Reo Hatfield to celebrate his China deal.

3. Blown it on more fireworks at the Extravaganza. (Showing Staunton even more readily how to light up the sky in July!)

2. Two words: Lottery Tickets.

1. Paid Doug Walker to be our city manager (and still had $1,000 to spend on bubble gum).

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