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Chris Graham: Two friends talking about high gas prices

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Man, the gas sure is expensive.

Yeah, but you know why.

Yeah. Biden.


It’s all Biden.

You know it’s the war in Ukraine.

That’s what the liberal media is telling you.

That’s what the facts are telling me.

It’s because Biden won’t let us drill.

You know how long it takes for drilling to actually get oil on the market?


It can take years. And that’s if they’re successful where they’re drilling.

All I care about is, the gas sure is expensive.

Because of Russia.

Everything’s about Russia with you.

And how much of that isn’t accurate?

Russia, Russia, Russia.

The average gallon of gas was $3.39 the week that Russia invaded Ukraine. It’s $4.37 a gallon now.

What does one have to do with the other?

Do I really have to explain this to you?

Biden could do something about it.

He is. We’re trying to help Ukraine.

Why do we need to help Ukraine?

Because people there are dying?

That’s what the liberal media is telling you.

It’s what the facts are telling me.

You and your facts.

Yes, me and my facts.

If Biden really wanted to, he could just reduce the price of gas.


The government can do anything it wants.

This from the guy who thinks government is evil.

Well, it is.

But now you think the president can just order lower gas prices.

He could if he wanted to.

And he just doesn’t want to.

So, you agree with me?

Sure. This is all Biden. He could just lower prices, but he doesn’t want to. And Russia, we should just let them butcher Ukraine. Whatever.

You know, Biden isn’t doing anything about the inflation, either. Why aren’t we hearing any more about that?

Story by Chris Graham

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