Chris Graham: Too little, too late?

state-capitol2So now Gov. Bob McDonnell is saying that he’s returned it all – the loans, the checks to his daughters, even the Rolex watch that a campaign donor, Jonnie Williams, the CEO of Star Scientific, had given him.

And we’re supposed to say … all is forgiven.

Same as we’re supposed to just up and forgive Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli for, well, the same thing, involving the same campaign donor, just on a smaller scale.

At least McDonnell has given his gifts back; Cuccinelli steadfastly refuses to even consider giving back his.

And then there’s Terry McAuliffe, the Democrat running against the Republican Cuccinelli for the right to replace McDonnell as governor. As far as we know, McAuliffe hasn’t been the recipient of any large-scale gifts from campaign donors, but there is a messy matter of a company that he ran up until December of last year, GreenTech, being under federal investigation for its efforts to secure visas for big-wheel foreign investors.

Hey, our candidates for the top job here in our state keep it in their pants, if nothing else. (Insert your own snide Anthony Weiner reference here.)

So what if they play fast and loose with other people’s money?

One of them gave it back. The other one might, or might not. And the other other one can’t remember anything before Jan. 1.

The next four years should be interesting.

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