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Too much, too little? Two years for Bob McDonnell is about right

Former Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell faced 20 years in prison on his convictions on 11 counts in his federal corruption case.

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Two years for Bob McDonnell in federal corruption case

A federal judge has sentenced former Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell to two years in prison on his convictions in a corruption case, a stunning downfall for a once-rising star in the Republican Party.

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Analysis: Will Bob McDonnell see jail time on corruption charges?

Former Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell and his wife, Maureen, have pleaded not guilty to charges related to more than $160,000 in loans and gifts given to the First Couple by a businessman allegedly seeking favors from state government.

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Breaking: Bob McDonnell, wife indicted in Star Scientific gift case

Former Gov. Bob McDonnell, 59 and his wife, Maureen, have been indicted on federal corruption charges. The McDonnells were indicted on Monday, according to a report in the Washington Post.


Star Scientific CEO Jonnie Williams resigns, company changes name

You won’t have Star Scientific or its CEO, Jonnie Williams, to kick around anymore. Williams has resigned as CEO, and the company is changing its name to Rock Creek Pharmaceuticals. But the legal issues continue for both the company and Williams, who is at the center of an investigation that all but brought down Gov. Bob McDonnell.

Sabato: Cuccinelli considered dramatic move involving McDonnell to shake up race

Wow, what could have been. Had Gov. Bob McDonnell been indicted by federal prosecutors for his role in the Star Scientific scandal, Ken Cuccinelli was planning a dramatic public break with McDonnell involving a little-known section of the Virginia Constitution.

Winners/Losers: The 2013 Virginia elections

Winner: Terry McAuliffe This one is obvious. The Macker didn’t win by anywhere near the margin the final polls had indicated, but a win is a win is a win. Loser: Terry McAuliffe Also obvious. He wins by 10 points, he has a mandate. He wins by two, and he’s greeted by House Speaker Bill Howell trash-talking him.

Cuccinelli memo spins backdrop for tonight’s gubernatorial debate

The Democratic Party is in disarray over the ObamaCare rollout, and Terry McAuliffe is going to have to answer for his continued support of the Affordable Care Act.

Cuccinelli undervalued stay at mansion on report

Republican gubernatorial candidate Ken Cuccinelli appears to have undervalued the cost of his stay at a Goochland County mansion owned by Star Scientific CEO Jonnie Williams on his Statement of Economic Interests reports to the state.

McDonnell issues terse statement on end to shutdown

Bob McDonnell, liberated from having to be careful about what he says because his political career is winding down post-scandal, offered choice words for lawmakers in Washington at the end to the inane 16-day government shutdown.

Cuccinelli, McAuliffe campaigns spar over economics, taxes

The Ken Cuccinelli for governor campaign released a new ad today claiming that Terry McAuliffe’s support for the bipartisan transportation plan passed by the General Assembly earlier this year will help force a tax increase.

Report: Cuccinelli questioned in Star Scientific case

In an interview with NBC12 in Richmond, Ken Cuccinelli for the first time admitted that federal investigators have questioned him about his connection to Star Scientific CEO Jonnie Williams.

Cuccinelli writes check to resolve Star Scientific controversy

Republican gubernatorial candidate Ken Cuccinelli has written a check for $18,000 to a Richmond-based charity to “resolve any questions surrounding the matter concerning Star Scientific.”

Chris Graham: Too little, too late?

So now Gov. Bob McDonnell is saying that he’s returned it all – the loans, the checks to his daughters, even the Rolex watch that a campaign donor, Jonnie Williams, the CEO of Star Scientific, had given him.

Cuccinelli statement on opposition to special session

Ken Cuccinelli expressed disappointment with Gov. Bob McDonnell and others in state government for their refusal to support a special session of the General Assembly to address ethics reform. Cuccinelli earlier this week called on Gov. McDonnell to convene a special session.

Democrats continue press on Cuccinelli on Star Scientific

Virginia Democrats are continuing to try to tie the scandal surrounding Republican Gov. Bob McDonnell’s ties to Star Scientific CEO Jonnie Williams to Republican gubernatorial candidate Ken Cuccinelli.

McAuliffe: Cuccinelli needs to return Williams’ gifts

Terry McAuliffe’s campaign is calling on Ken Cuccinelli to follow Gov. Bob McDonnell’s lead and return all of the gifts he received from Star Scientific CEO Jonnie Williams:

The cost of Cuccinelli’s Star Scientific scandal: $53,000 and rising

Virginians sitting in traffic or sending their kids to overcrowded schools can thank Ken Cuccinelli for allowing his personal taste for free Thanksgiving dinners and nutritional supplement courtesy of Star Scientific CEO Jonnie Williams to force taxpayers to foot the bill for at least $53,000 in legal fees that could have gone to solving actual […]

McDonnell repays loan to benefactor

Gov. Bob McDonnell said Tuesday that loans made to his wife and his family business by Star Scientific CEO Jonnie Williams have been repaid.

Report: No benefit from McDonnell to Star Scientific

Former Democratic Attorney General Tony Troy today released the findings of an external audit conducted to determine whether Star Scientific or Jonnie Williams received any appointments, funds, grants or contracts from the state.

Chris Graham: Our governor in hock

Maybe you change the way you vote, knowing that the governor is possibly in hock to family, friends and diet-supplement makers, maybe you don’t – but it’s something worth knowing when you head into the voting booth.

Poll: Bob McDonnell job approval down slightly

Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell has a 49-28 percent job approval rating, down slightly from his 53-26 percent score March 27 and his lowest score in two years, according to a Quinnipiac University poll released today.

Chris Graham: The Chef Scientific scandal will weigh on Bob McDonnell

Fair or unfair, the growing scandal involving Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell involving a former Governor’s Mansion chef facing criminal charges and political contributor now under investigation by the Securities Exchange Commission is not going to go away, maybe ever.

Report: FBI investigating Bob McDonnell-Jonnie Williams relationship

The FBI is reportedly looking into the relationship between Gov. Bob McDonnell and Jonnie Williams, the CEO of a nutritional supplements manufacturer that is also under investigation by the Securities Exchange Commission.