How to choose the best freight service for your parcel

parcelAs both individuals and businesses we now ship more parcels than ever before and the choice of companies who offer delivery services is huge. Here we examine the factors involved in choosing the best freight service for your parcel.

The Type of Delivery Service

The type of delivery service you require goes a long way in helping you determine the company you will choose to look after your parcel. For example, you may choose one company for local deliveries, while if you need to send freight by air, you may elect to use a different company who specialise in overseas deliveries.

A Secure Service

Before using a parcel delivery service for the first time, it is recommended that you look into them a little. Find out if they have a good reputation and that they have customer recommendations or satisfaction reports online.

Compare the Costs

Where companies provide a similar type of service and are also reputable, then it may be a question of comparing the cost of the service in order to help you decide which one to use. The cost of sending a parcel, generally speaking, is calculated by looking at the size and weight of the parcel and where it is to be collected from and taken to. While these factors will be the same, the rates that companies charge vary considerably and so shopping around is paramount to getting the best deal.

The Customer Experience

The customer experience is another factor worth taking into account. Is the company easy to deal with? Often customers want to be able to set up everything online and want the package to be collected and delivered – a door to door service.

A parcel delivery company who have an easy to use website and that presents information, about costs for example, clearly is often a preference.

The Face of the Company

How a company presents itself, online and through it’s physical assets can help you assess the quality of the service it is likely to provide. Those with a good website that works well on a mobile phone as well as on a desktop are clearly on top of their game and the same can be said about their fleet of vehicles and drivers – do they look like they offer a premium service?

Using the information that is readily available is a sure-fire way to assess a parcel delivery service and choose the best one for you.


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