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Cannabis seed buying guide: Where and what to buy

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The outdoor season for cultivating cannabis lasts from March to November. This is a great time of the year to start growing your garden. Our seed purchase guide can answer all your questions.

Where to Buy Cannabis Seeds

Many international seed banks are based in the Netherlands, the UK, Spain, and other countries where cannabis laws are less restrictive. Seed Banks provide autoflowering seeds from various sellers. If you are living in cannabis restricted countries, it is almost impossible to buy them. In this case, you have two options: travel abroad and buy seeds from a real store or order them online. The second option is safer and more convenient, as well as significantly less expensive.

Before buying plants online, you need to find out what type of plant you wish to cultivate and which breeder you want to buy at. You can also do your research and find an online growing shop that specifies the entire process of growing. Thus, you will be able to browse useful info from other growers and see photos of the final results.

Distinctive Features of Various Cannabis Seeds

It is worth mentioning that there is a big variety of plant species, so you should understand the main difference between them:

1. Regular Seeds

If you buy regular plants, they will be mixed with male and female plants. Many growers prefer to cultivate them because they have not been cross-bred as much as feminized or auto-flowering seeds. However, you will need to separate the plants as soon as their reproductive organs appear during the flowering phase and replace male plants because they do not give buds and will be pollen.

2. Feminized Seeds

Seeds can be feminized, meaning you can simply put them in soil and start growing. These plants are embryonic females, and growing them eliminates the need to separate plants and replace the males. It reduces the risk of a male getting into the crop, forcing your females to focus on producing seeds.

3. Autoflowering Seeds

Autoflowering plants pass from a vegetative to a flowering state with age and don’t change their light cycle. They have a short growth to harvest time and can be ready to harvest in just 2,5 to 3 months. The disadvantage is that they are usually less effective, but auto-flowering plants are great for people who want to grow cannabis but do not want to spend a lot of time on it.

In Conclusion

When you grow any number of plants, some of them will not germinate, even if you buy them from an authoritative breeder. When growing regular seeds, some will not germinate and some will have to be replaced because they are male. With feminized seeds, some will not germinate, but a higher percentage of them will grow into flowering plants. So, approach your choice attentively and get your result soon.

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