Business Broker CRM: You can’t have one without the other

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‘Business Broker CRM’ three words that are interlinked, they depend on each other. A poor CRM will kill your business and as you struggle to meet the demands of your customers, your brokerage shall flounder.

However, Popcorn Technology has a solution.

Their CRM is advanced yet intuitive and has been designed to handle the complexities of the industry.

Their extensive experience has taught them how critical a CRM can be for a business. Whether it be processing transactions, tracking and assessing leads, IB administration, compliance or marketing, they have purposefully created a CRM that streamlines workflow and acts as a nucleus for your organisation.

Business Broker CRM – Industry Buzz Words That Matter

A fast-paced industry requires a robust system that can process multiple tasks all at one time. You will need to serve your clients quickly and efficiently if you are to compete in this business, and your work will need to be transparent if you are to earn the trust of your clientele.

A top broker CRM will integrate with all the moving parts of a brokerage. It should become the central point of focus of your ecosystem. That is why they have built a CRM that is highly integrable and connects seamlessly with their white label MT4 platform, traders’ room and PSP’s.

With their CRM you can meet the demands of your clients early, right where the action takes place, which keeps them in the loop and trading on the platform.

Consequently, a functional CRM will increase revenue and save time for your employees.

Additionally, a CRM for forex brokers should make light work of IB’s and the wider affiliate network. To have full control over your brokerage, you must be able to decipher how many leads are inbound and where they sit in the onboarding process. More significantly, a snapshot of how much commission is owed to partners must be readily available at a moment’s notice. The CRM from Popcorn Technology provides you with the tools to carry out these processes easily.

A Professional Broker CRM System

Here are just some of the vital functions a broker CRM system must carry out as standard:-

  • Management of confidential data and all client communications.
  • Communication with clients should be straight forward with telephony and real-time email responders.
  • Confidently manage affiliates.
  • Provide customer acquisition metrics.
  • API integrations with existing tools like MT4, traders’ room and other 3rd party tools.
  • Web and mobile responsive.
  • Simplify workflow.
  • Cost-effective

Better still, their MT4 CRM is a white-label service which means it is 100% customisable. You can make it an integral component of your business by adding your logo, slogans and colours. Clients will feel comfortable using a branded professional system. Yet, their CRM is flexible and would be able to fit into a current business model and complement existing processes if you operate a more seasoned brokerage.

They have purposefully chosen MT4 as their platform of choice because it is the best in the industry. Our CRM aims to take advantage of the fact. Our mission is to utilise professional-level tools to provide superior service to your brokerage and in turn, your customers.

A CRM For Forex Brokers

Their CRM is created explicitly for forex brokers and is a cost-efficient way of providing an excellent customer service experience to your clients.

In an industry where large financial transactions are a daily occurrence, tentative customer service has never been more important.

The CRM integrates with the trader’s room and PSP’s. From there, you can control things like new customer applications, take care of compliance issues, and process financials. Your clients can choose from several PSP’s to make transactions convenient and comfortable.

By creating a frictionless system and providing an environment to fulfil all your client’s needs, it will increase your conversions and your bottom line.

They Are Happy to Support Your Brokerage

Their professional team is ready to help. They will have your new system up and running in minimal time and they can answer any questions that may occur in the meantime. They provide 24/6 support.

They guarantee that their CRM covers everything a new brokerage will need to operate the business. However, for more established brokerages, they can help to increase the functionality and efficiency of your current system. They are happy to talk to you about more bespoke capabilities. Ultimately, our goal is to provide simplicity, and their team will always work closely with your brokerage to ensure their products make your life easier.

They understand that your business is complex, and nobody knows it better than you—that’s why they make their CRM flexible. You can even use your favourite third-party business tools like accounting apps and software.

Next time you hear the words ‘Business Broker CRM’ remember, you really can’t have one without the other.

Call them today and talk to us about your requirements.

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