Brazilian Butt Lift: Improve curves and overall body profile

BBL or Brazilian Butt Lift surgical procedure was developed with an aim to add volume to your buttocks as well as offer a more lifted, tight appearance. It is a natural procedure, where your own body fat is used to create better proportionate and sculpted physique.


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Removing fat deposits from those parts of the body, which need less and adding it to butts in most needed regions is a beneficial way to sculpt the body. In the US, a butt lift procedure is conducted every half an hour, out of which BBL is most popular.

It is an FDA approved body enhancing procedure and is available in different variations. Implants and injections, where the former has more complications than the latter including several other benefits.

Minimal invasive and safe surgery

Liposuction needs anesthesia and recovery period, even though it is less invasive. On the other hand, BBL procedure does not need any kind of anesthesia and is comfortable. Injections constrain the potential health risks. There will be no incision rupture risks or scarring issues post-surgery. Besides adding volume, BBL reshapes your butt.

Implants insert foreign objects, which means great chances of getting infected but in BBL your own body fat gets added, so risk is negligible and moreover the butts feel soft. A compression garment needs to be worn and you need to avoid sitting or lying o buttocks for recommended weeks. It ensures proper healing after fat transfer. In two weeks, you can start your routine activities.

Enhances body proportion

It is the most common reason to choose BBL procedure. Injections improve your buttocks, offering a round curvaceous figure. It means you can choose an hourglass physique. Choice is yours! Even with healthy lifestyle, you are unable to get perfect body shape then BBL is a great option.

Reduces fat pockets from other parts

Besides making butt higher, tighter and bigger you can lose undesired fat from other body parts. The fat you have is made use of in the procedure. Some areas the plastic surgeon commonly choose are –

  • Stomach
  • Love handles
  • Hips
  • Thighs

Looks and feels natural

Artificial fillers and implants offer an unnatural look, especially when you lose or put on weight. BBL makes use of natural body fat, so the results feel and look natural. In addition, if there are changes in body weight then the shape changes, accordingly.

Less visible cellulite

Butts feel soft, fuller, and firmer. It means visibility of cellulite on the thighs gets reduced. Therefore, thighs and butts look toned and shapelier instead of dimpled due to cellulite.

Rapid outcomes

Rather than trying very hard to reach squat count daily, just spend a couple of hours in surgery. You just need to do it for one time and get rewarded with curvy shape.

Clothes look flattering

Pair of flair clothes look great with round and big bottoms. Even a waistline dress can be worn confidentially.

Long lasting results

Recovery period is short in comparison to long lasting results. Full results can be seen six months after procedure, when fat settles in the new region. You can enjoy these new curves for years to come.


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