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Brandquad: How the manufacturer’s product data affects online sales

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The Internet has turned the world into one giant online supermarket. Therefore, today it is crucially important to not only produce a quality product but also create its exact digital copy. Those who deliver accurate and easily understandable product data to the end customer – and do it faster than competitors – win. This process can be simplified and automated by using specialized services and product information management (PIM) platforms such as a Brandquad.

Sales don’t start until the goods arrive at the retailer’s warehouse. It is essential to give your sales partner the correct information about the products displayed on the e-shelf: what it looks like and what size it is, how many units are in the packaging and on the pallet, whether all the necessary certificates are present or not.

Particular attention should be paid to dimensions. If the manufacturer incorrectly specifies information about the size of the product, it may result in a failure in the logistics chain. For example, a 1 cm error in packing measurements leads to serious negative consequences, such as:

— the product does not fit the warehouse shelf (more space is required);

— the number of transportation trucks may change depending on the size of goods;

— the manufacturer cannot complete loading into the warehouse in time, and the potential customer cannot buy the desired products.

What to do

— data on product dimensions should be checked when the items are packed. For precise measurement the manufacturer can use, for example, CubiScan: it measures curved surfaces of the goods with an infrared ruler and automatically loads data into the system; this allows to avoid errors during unloading;

— systematically and independently verify information consistency using PIM services (for example Brandquad): this way, the width of the product will not be listed instead of, for example, length, and the height dimensions will not be entered as width.