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The Barnes Law Firm is enthusiastic about appeals and trusts that setting up a case for appeal prepares it better for trial and settlement.

This is a full-administration appellate firm whose objective is to help attorneys and people interpret cases from the jury to the appellate courts. The firm aides’ attorneys and people tackle and address complex trial and appellate procedural and legitimate issues.

Why procure an appellate attorney?

Working and attempting a case given an appeal will expand the opportunity of accomplishment at settlement, trial, and on the suit. Procuring an appellate attorney at the dispositive motion or trial phase of a case enables the trial attorney to concentrate on the introduction to a judge or jury, and the appellate attorney to shape the hypothesis of a situation while guaranteeing issues are protected for a potential appeal.

An appellate attorney will guarantee that key appellate issues are saved, pick points well on the way to result in an ideal supposition while concentrating on the fitting models of an audit, make a far-reaching Record on Appeal, and cautiously survey relevant law.


Barnes Law Firm approaches each case from an appellate point of view and incorporates that with trial advice’s litigation approach, strategy, and style. Litigation is a multi-faceted practice that, in the present legitimate condition, requires a groundbreaking approach at each stage and steady expectation of procedural and evidentiary issues.

Litigation and appeals require center around proof, causation, harms, system, and strategy at the same time. A protection agent, jury, and appellate court know just the story displayed by the litigation group. An appellate attorney can shape the story for compelling interpretation to an appeal. Setting up a case for an appeal prepares it better for trial and settlement.

After the trial, an all-around arranged case exhibits a chance, not a barricade. An appeal can recover or spare an ideal case result, shape a region of law, and influence the trial techniques and methodologies of comparable, future cases in an attorney’s specific practice territory.

The settlement estimation of a case might be improved by careful arrangement for appeal, including safeguarding issues and deliberately picking which proof to display and in what structure.

Kathleen Barnes has experience working in the Court of Appeals and can recognize effective techniques to outline a case for appeal and foresee complex procedural issues. Regardless of whether you are looked with a baffling decision or are keen on ensuring a judgment in your client’s support, including appellate help, will convey a crisp viewpoint to your client’s case.

Practice Areas and Services

Trial and Appellate Services

Barnes Law Firm can help at all phases of a case through state and government appeals, including:


Motions and memoranda for synopsis judgment, motions to expel, motions in limine, and research.


Counseling, including exploring and composing motions in limine, decision structures, and jury charges; Issue Preservation; Post-judgment settlement and appeal strategy.


Appellate motions, brief research and composing, oral backing, petitions for rehearing, writs of certiorari, and amicus curiae briefs.

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