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marketingAugusta Free Press brings your ideas on marketing and what you want and need to do to reach customers and clients to reality.

We will work with you to maximize the bang for the buck in your marketing budget through print, TV/radio and web and social network marketing campaigns and on-site marketing and events and expos.

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Comprehensive Marketing Strategy

You’ve tried TV, you’ve tried radio, and the newspaper. Some Facebook here, some Google there. None of it seems to work, and it all costs a lot of money.

You want to give up, but can’t afford to. We all need customers and clients, but how do we get them?

Augusta Free Press manages advertising campaigns for small- and medium-sized businesses across Virginia.

You don’t need to hire a full-time marketing coordinator. Bring the experience of the Augusta Free Press team to work for you – for a fraction of the cost.

For as little as $499 a month, AFP will devise a comprehensive marketing strategy for your business and manage it for you from start to finish:

  • creating ad copy
  • designing print ads
  • coordinating video, TV and radio commercial production
  • ad placement services (dealing directly with TV, radio and newspaper account executives)
  • creating content for your website
  • creating and managing your e-mail newsletters
  • managing your Facebook, Twitter and Google campaigns

Is your current advertising approach working for you? If you’ve read this far, the answer is NO. Augusta Free Press can take you to YES.

Ad design

Desktop ad design is done to meet what you want in terms of message and image and to meet the sizing specifications of the newspaper or magazine of placement. We have the capacity to produce print campaigns in-house.


Once we generate the ideas, we take care of ad placements. The focus is on getting you the most exposure for your marketing dollar. Our focus is on making placements that offer the most exposure for the best possible value.

Printed materials

We also have the capacity in-house to produce printed materials like brochures, catalogues and magazines. More information on brochures, catalogues and magazines is available here.


We have we have relationships with local and regional audio-visual companies that will work up radio and TV/web commercials that carry through the basic idea design of your print campaign.


Successful marketing campaigns include paid media with ad placements in newspapers, magazines and radio/TV/web and free media with efforts aimed at getting news articles and radio/TV/web coverage from media organizations.

Our media-relations strategy is designed with the experience of two news media professionals with a combined 30 years of experience working in newspapers, magazines and TV news in mind.


Events and expos get you in direct contact with customers and clients. You may want to plan your own event, for example, an anniversary celebration to mark a significant business or organizational milestone. You may want to participate in a community event, with the key to your participation in the event being that you put your business or organization in the best possible light at the event, and that you are able to use your participation in the event to capture contacts for future development use. We have extensive experience in both event planning and event participation for businesses and organizations.

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