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Augusta At Play announces matching grants program

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Augusta At Play has recently announced a matching funds program for local elementary schools.

The Universal Language of Music program provides matching funds of $5,000 towards the purchase and installation of outdoor musical instruments.

“The reason why we picked musical instruments is due to the benefits for all children, everything from learning rhythm and patterns, but also less obvious things like enhancing listening skills and offers interaction for children who are non or low verbal,” said Teri Adams, Augusta At Play’s founder.

As part of the program, Augusta At Play will work with recipient schools to host a student activity following installation, to teach how inclusive play fosters friendships.

“I’m in an unique position. I also sit on the board for the Wilson Workforce and Rehab Center Foundation, and I see how adaptable individuals with disabilities are however work still needs to be done by all individuals to understand how to better embrace adaptability. That’s why Augusta At Play’s approach to equip the youngest members of our community, elementary aged children, with both inclusive equipment and skills offers major benefits for the future,” said Helen Shull, an Augusta At Play Board member and branch manager at United Bank.

“Having a family member with cerebral palsy, I personally have seen the need for greater opportunities to provide spaces where relationships can develop between individuals of all abilities,” Shull said.

If interested in applying for the grant please visit their website and fill out the online form ( or contact Augusta At Play at or (540) 255-0462

About Augusta At Play

Augusta At Play’s mission is to provide opportunities for community-based interaction and learning for people of all ages, abilities and mobilities. Its two-pronged approach consists of building fully accessible, inclusively designed parks and playgrounds coupled with educational platforms to increase understanding of disabilities while emphasizing the value of inclusiveness in schools, business and commerce. Augusta At Play’s vision is to reshape a cultural mindset while helping all people lead an engaged life for greater community equity and resources.