Ashes into diamonds: A new trend taking over the funeral industry in the USA, Canada and Mexico

cremation diamonds

Cremation diamond rings can be passed down at special life events in the family

The funeral industry in the USA is valued at over $20.7 Billion with approximately 2.4 million deaths annually. The foundation for this industry was in embalming; treating a corpse with preservatives in order to prevent decomposition and then presenting the embalmed body for public viewing before burial. Today, more technologically improved alternatives like ashes into diamonds are fast gaining in popularity, credited by its uniqueness and affordability.

How Cremation Diamonds Companies Can Turn Our Departed Loved-Ones into Diamonds

Ashes into Diamonds, also known as cremation diamonds are synthetic diamonds grown in the lab from the carbon extracted from the ashes of a departed loved one. This gem can be passed down to generations within the family on special life events such as weddings or engagements as an everlasting legacy to the life the deceased has lived.

Specialist Ashes into Diamonds vendors like LONITÉ from Switzerland with an existing branch in Buffalo, New York State, in the USA, a border city with Canada, analyze the cremated ashes to determine whether they contain enough carbon to be turned into a diamond; about 8 oz. of ashes or 0.4 oz. of hair are required. The ashes are then placed in a specialized crucible and the crucible is then heated to over 5000F to make sure every element except carbon oxidizes. Then, the temperature is raised further so that the carbon can turn into graphite.

The graphite, with a metal catalyst and a diamond seed crystal are placed into a core. The core goes into a specialized diamond press capable of creating extreme tension bringing the pressure to about 800,000 pounds/square inches.

The process of turning human ashes into cremation diamonds can take about 6 to 9 months. During the last stretch, when the press is working, the temperature in the room stays at about 2500F so that the ashes turned diamonds become solid. This process results in rough crystals that are cut and polished into cremation diamonds. The color of the finished ashes into diamond ranges from white to dark blue, depending on the boron content analyzed previously in the ashes or hair of the deceased.

The Ashes into Diamonds Process Requires a Combined set of Skills and Jobs


The craftsmanship of ashes into diamonds requires a combination of skills

Ashes into Diamonds is a craftsmanship dedicated to creating gems as unique as the persona of your departed loved one was. The process therefore requires a unique combination of different skills to produce ashes into diamonds from start to finish.

This craftsmanship requires a good understanding of gemology which is the science dealing with natural and artificial gemstone materials. Some ashes into diamond vendors are academically trained gemologists and are qualified to identify and evaluate gems.

Ashes into diamonds also requires understanding and application of the ashes into diamond HPHT creation technology and the skill of art and design which combines the expression of human creativity and imagination in a visual form and drawing a sketch to illustrate the look of the ashes into diamonds before it is made.

The Increasing Popularity of Ashes into Diamonds in the USA

Most families in the USA choose Ashes into Diamonds because this post burial alternative offers lasting solutions to issues affecting the existing traditional burial practices like cemetery burials.

Ecologically safe: Cemetery burials release 10% more carbon than otherwise required in creation of Ashes into Diamonds. This results into narcosis and suffocation of living organisms which in turn threaten the existence of life on this planet in the long run. Carbon dioxide is an essential part of the global carbon cycle in the environment and as a greenhouse gas; it absorbs heat in the atmosphere and sends some back to the surface of the earth resulting into global warming. Cemetery burials also pollute our groundwaters because of the body embalming process which releases toxic fluids. Even with the existence of more ecological coffins, the long-term maintenance of the tombs endangers natural resources.

Lack of burial space in cemeteries and in columbaria at large: There are approximately 2.4 million deaths in USA annually and therefore to fully utilize every inch of space there is, cemetery operators have resorted to the kind of creative use of space that involves squeezing coffins into every barren inch, narrowing paths and stacking coffins nine-deep. A case in point the largest Jewish graveyard in Brooklyn, Washington Cemetery ran out of land in the 2010 after tearing up roads and pathways to utilize every cubic inch of ground.

Rise in prices of traditional burial spaces. Due to shortage in burial plots, the prices of the few existing ones sky rocket by almost  50% annually; on average, a traditional burial in USA costs $8000 and can go up to $10,000 compared to $706 in the 1960s

The loss of a loved one can be very hard to deal with, especially having to worry about planning a unique sendoff that depicts just how much they meant to all the bereaved. Post burial options like Ashes into Diamonds eternalize the deceased into a gem that celebrates the beautiful life they lived, the memories they created for those dear to them and at the end of it all, a tribute that immortalizes the deceased into an everlasting legacy.

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