Aren’t we pretty much already on lockdown?

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I’m having a hard time figuring out what else most of us can do to lock ourselves down any more than we already are.

Nothing is open, except for grocery stores and gas stations, right?

Well, OK, that and hospitals.

People who need to go to work are going to work.

I’ve worked from home for the past 18 years, so maybe lockdowns aren’t that painful for me, but still.

Can’t go out to eat, can’t go to the movies, no basketball games, concerts.

Not complaining about any of that at all, by the way.

Just pointing out the obvious.

There’s nowhere to go, even if we did want to go somewhere.

And for the time being, we don’t want to go anywhere.

I will concede that it’s easier in a less-dense place like Waynesboro, where I live.

I get out and do a daily run, around my block, as I’ve done for the past year, 25 laps of the roughly quarter-mile loop in front of my house and down the alley behind it, to get my 6.2 miles in.

There are more people taking walks these days than normal.

I avoid them even more so than usual.

Aside from my daily run, there’s nothing else to do, here in Waynesboro.

Again, nothing is open, but the places where you get essentials.

In bigger cities, it can be harder to avoid people.

If you live in a high-rise apartment, for instance, then have to go out on the street to get to a grocery or market, you’re going to run into people.

When you live in a densely-populated area, there are going to be lines.


I presume this is why we’re seeing so many numbers of cases from New York City.

NYC isn’t designed at all to accommodate anything resembling social distancing.

Waynesboro, and much of the rest of the country, is.

We’re doing what we’re being told to do, and it helps that we can, and really, have no choice.

Again, because everything is closed, except the grocery, basically.

So, maybe the media types can cut back on the making everybody feel guilty that they’re not doing enough message they’re trying to browbeat us with.

We’re all trying to maintain our sanity as we also worry if we’re going to have jobs when this is all over.

Story by Chris Graham

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