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Are expensive life coaches in London really worth it?

What to look for when choosing a life coach

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The London life coaching industry has seen a boom in the past few years as more and more people are approaching life coaches, mentors and consultants to achieve a number of professional and personal results. It is because life coaching has proven itself to deliver results across industries in various domains with individuals of all kinds.

It is obvious that the more successful executive life coaches in London charge substantially more compared to the ones who are just starting out. Some celebrity coaches charge an exorbitant amount and choose their clientele very specifically but these are like the designer labels of the coaching industry. The number of success stories and happy clients also play an important factor in the pricing of the life coach.

How do life coaches structure their pricing?

A good life coach in London will not break your bank and help you achieve tangible results that are sustained over a long period of time. While some Life coaches will charge you an upfront signing amount and an hourly rate, there are others who charge specifically based on the value of the results they produce for you.

The good news

In most cases, you will find some kind of a package offered by your potential executive life coach which is going to allow you to have a taste of those services at a fraction of the cost. It is a great idea to take advantage of such offers as they give you a sneak peek of what is it like to work with them and just enough to get your feet wet and give you a real-time experience.

Finding the sweet spot

The key here is to find the sweet spot between your affordability and the life coach’s fee and to factor in the long term commitment often requiring a retainer of the executive coaching services. Another key point is to factor in the investment in terms of time and energy because you’re not just paying with the money you are also going to invest your own time in order to see tangible and long-term results.

Truth be told effective life coaching pays for in the long run and the value that you get in return manifolds the investment.


At the end of the day in order to determine the true value for money of executive life coaching in London, you should take into account both the short term as well as the long-term results and what it would mean for you to be able to achieve extraordinary things effectively and quickly.

You should also factor in the amount of time and wasted effort a good life coach will save in the process by helping you avoiding catastrophic mistakes and helping you capitalize on your strengths.

If you see the full picture you will inevitably arrive at the conclusion that life coaching in London when choosing carefully is not only effective but also one of the better investments, you will make in your lifetime.

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