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A brief insight about the male sex hormone

sex hormone
Testosterone is the primary sex hormone in the male body that plays a key role in developing reproductive tissues and promoting sexual characteristics. It is also involved in boosting energy levels and building muscles in males. With age, the testosterone levels decrease leading to several health issues like lower libido, decreased energy, weak bones and so on. Natural supplements like testogen are highly useful in treating such conditions. The natural ingredients in these supplements help increase the testosterone levels in the body and promote overall health and wellness.


  • Energy: Testosterone is responsible for heightened energy levels, increased stamina and vigor in men. The testosterone peaks during the age of 21-35 years of age and this is the time when male humans are most productive at play and work. They are more active and energetic during this period and with an increasing age; the energy levels come down as the testosterone production reduces. Anabolic hormone supplements are prescribed by doctors on various occasions to increase the production of testosterone when you lack energy in your daily life. These supplements and pills are highly popular among athletes for their properties to increase stamina that leads to better and prolonged performance.
  • Motivation: Testosterone also plays an important role in regulating psychological factors and helps in building a positive mindset full of confidence and motivation. Individuals suffering from low testosterone levels often report various psychological issues like frustration, depression, stress, anxiety, lack of motivation and so on that can be treated effectively with a right dose of testosterone supplements.
  • Sexual desire: Testosterone, being the sex hormone, is responsible for sexual health and desire in men. If an individual faces issues like lower libido, lack of sexual desire, arousal and ejaculation issues, lower sperm count and others, the doctor may prescribe testosterone supplements to fight the underlying causes. The natural testosterone supplements are often prescribed for elderly people as with old age, the production of testosterone ceases in the body leading to various health issues including serious ailments like prostate cancer.
  • Aggression & Agility: It has been scientifically proved that testosterone is one of the many factors that control aggression and alertness of human mind. Higher testosterone levels account for good memory, a sharp, focused and attentive mind. Lack of testosterone can lead to memory loss, Alzheimer’s, disorientation or inability to focus and other conditions.
  • Weight loss: The fat cells produce the aromatase enzyme that transforms testosterone into estradiol, the female sex hormone. This indeed has an effect on weight loss but there is no evidence proving the BMI having a direct link with the testosterone levels. However, the anabolic properties present in testosterone help build muscle mass and get a toned body. This is the main reason why athletes and performers vouch for steroids and natural supplements that increase the male hormone in the body which in turn help in rapid fat burning and bodybuilding.


There are many varieties and brands of testosterone supplements available in the market. You can easily get them at your local pharmacies with or without a medical prescription. Most over-the-counter drugs are considered to be safe with no serious side-effects. However, before purchasing a product you must conduct a brief research about the ingredients in the product.

Check the customer reviews about the product and make it a priority to consult your doctor to find out if the ingredients used in the product are safe to use. Follow the instructions and don’t overindulge as an uncontrolled usage can bring adverse long-term effects on your health.

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