8 best websites to stream sport events

stream sports eventsLive sports streaming is one the upcoming industry that has witnessed consistent growth within the last few years. As life becomes increasingly busy, fewer and fewer people can afford the time to go to a stadium to watch a game.

People prefer to stream the games and follow them up live. High-speed internet has also facilitated the growth of this industry because it enables seamless streaming of high-quality videos.

Although streaming is legal in most jurisdictions, the access to these sites may be blocked by the ISP. To bypass this and protect yourself, it is advisable that you use a good VPN such as Surfshark. The VPN helps to circumvent blocking and to mask your identity and location.

Most of the streaming platforms are free because they mainly make money by pushing ads. You, therefore, should expect to see a lot of pop up ads. To protect yourself from malware, it’s crucial to stream your games from a reputable website that does not spread malware. The following are 8 of the best websites to stream sports events.


This site is one of the most popular places because viewers can watch almost any sports event from the website. The site contains hundreds of live events that users can stream live. These events are highlighted on the homepage of the website so that the site visitors can choose the game they want to watch.

This site also displays information about the sports such as the name of the competition, the players’ names, as well as their details. The icing on the cake for this website is that you can stream the content in HD quality. Stream2Watch also gives its users the option of either streaming live or downloading the content and watching it later.


This free streaming site gives its users the ability to stream sports events such as football, tennis, hockey, basketball, golf, and motorsports among other sports disciplines. This site is designed with the user in mind. It has a nice and clean interface that makes it easy to engage with the website.

The homepage of FromHot also contains the list of all the events that a user can stream. Watching any competition from this site is free of charge. As such, users do not need to pay anything or provide payment details to access content.


This site is run and maintained by the ESPN. Its design is appealing and professional, implying that users can enjoy the taste of a premium streaming site. Although the site is professional in its layout, it offers free content.

This site is one of the best streaming sites to watch and follow US sports. It is one of the few free streaming sites that are free of ads. WatchESPN has also developed an app that is available on android and iOS platforms. Sports lovers can download the official app and enjoy live streaming of events straight from their mobile devices.


Despite its VIP name, this site does not charge users to stream sports events. Anyone can visit the website and stream any sporting event of his or her choice. Although most streamers hail VIPleague as being one of the best streaming sites out there, it is blocked by some ISPs in some jurisdictions. To enjoy this site in regions where it is blocked, you should connect to it through a VPN to bypass the restrictions.

VIPleague is the only streaming service that allows its users to change the theme. Users are able to choose a theme of their choice depending on their taste. This site streams major sports events in baseball, football, and many other sports disciplines.


The site offers live streams of games in sports such as football, table tennis, hockey, volleyball, and other popular disciplines. This site is popular among sports enthusiasts because its clients can watch most events on HD quality.

The website also has a bar from which users can see the details of the event they are streaming. Users also enjoy a clean, modern interface that is easy to use.


Just like the name suggests, this site specializes in cricket events. However, its users can still stream games from other sports such as baseball, football, rugby, and golf, among others. This site makes money by publishing pop up ads. As such, you need to be on the lookout when using the site because some of its ads could be misleading.


This site features many live sports events that come from various sources. The site covers a wide range of sports, implying that you can expect to find almost any event here. Bosscast is a little different from other streaming services because it requires Flash. If you want to stream a game from this site, you have to install Flash and allow it to run on the Bosscast site.


Stream2Watch is one of the streaming websites that provide users with countless events. Chances are that the site has every live sports event that you may be searching for. The site also embeds streams from other external sources. Stream2Watch makes money through the many pop up ads, some of which may be invasive or may have misleading information. To enjoy its services without feeling offended, therefore, it is wise to avoid clicking on ads that lead you to a different page.

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