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7 things you should consider when choosing an e-signature solution

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In many prominent industries today, we are experiencing a rapid shift in the traditional paper-based processes as the new digital processes are taking over. Virtually all industry now makes use of the new digital signature solution, including healthcare, real estate, accounting, and construction. So if you are making the decision now for your company, you are definitely doing the best for her.

However, when choosing an e-signature solution, there are some factors you need to put into consideration, and those are the things you will be seeing in this article. But before that, let’s see some benefits of e-signature to your organization.

Benefits of electronic or digital signature to your company

  • Greater security and integrity of documents:The content of the signed electronic document cannot be altered, so the authentication of the same and the identity of the signer is guaranteed.
  • Confidentiality is guaranteed: The content of the message will only be known by those who are authorized to do so.
  • Elimination of paper: This implies a decrease in data storage (physical space).
  • Trips and transfers are avoided.
  • Reduction of time in process execution:queues are avoided and manual procedures are reduced.
  • Increase in productivity and competitiveness of the Company.
  • Time savings:You can distribute, view and sign any document completely online. Thanks to this, a signature process that previously needed days can now be resolved in minutes.
  • Cost savings:Thanks to the electronic signature, you will no longer need to resort to postal shipments so that your clients stamp their handwritten signatures on the documents.
  • Aid for the environment:Paper consumption involves cutting down trees. This causes two side effects: an increase in CO2 production, and a decrease in absorption capacity. In short, more pollution.
  • Improvement of the level of service: by allowing them to sign online, you will be cutting down the need for your clients’ displacement to sign and valuable waiting time, improving their level of satisfaction.

Things to Consider Before You Choose

#1: Make sure it works with all content apps you already use in your company

The e-signature solution you will be choosing should not make you change the way you work in your organization. It should work with the content apps you are already using in your company, including Word documents, Outlook email, Excel spreadsheets, SharePoint, AutoCAD, etc.

#2: It should help simplify signing

Your e-signature solution should make signing easy for everyone in your organization and also for the customers and clients too. It should be quick and intuitive, providing less resistance from signers. Also, look out for the type that offers features that are important to the way of working in your organization, including customized signature, multiple types of signatures, batch signing processes, and multiple-language support.

#3: It should help preserve your sensitive documents inside your IT domain

A good e-signature should help preserve your documents inside your IT domain and not on external servers or untrusted servers.

#4: It should offer you complete control over its implementation

A good e-signature should easily adapt to specific processes, user management, technologies, and authentication requirements of your company, and not the other way round. It should allow you to properly manage it in such a way that best suits your company’s internal regulations, standard operating procedures, and governance policies.

#5: Easily complies to relevant regulations of your organization

The e-signature solution you will be choosing should be based on internationally accepted standards which agrees with the country and industry-specific policies and regulations that are also relevant to your company.

#6: offer the ability to electronically sign via mobile devices and the web

Your e-signature solution must allow you and your customer to sign digitally anytime, anywhere, and using any devices, whether you are home working on your tablet, in your office, or in the field using your mobile devices.

#7: Comes with a feature that allows the system to be self-hosted

Your e-signature solution should allow you to choose between a managed cloud-server system and an on- promises server system. It should allow for maximum flexibility and secure system that allows you to start small and expand the number in the future as your need also increases.

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