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5 underrated beach destinations in India that need more exposure

India is a country you can find plenty of beaches both added to the beauty and the crowd. It is actually very difficult to find some beaches where one can spend a holiday nicely. It’s not that there are no such places, but the reason is that they have not got the required recognition that they deserve. Here is a list of 5 underrated beach destinations in India that need more exposure.

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Mandvi Beach

Not every place gets the true glory that it deserves, the same is the case with Mandvi Beach, Gujarat. This beach lies in the Kutch region and is a true gem not only for the state but for the whole country. There was a time when this beach was the country’s leading port of entry. This still has a shipbuilding yard that is 400 years old. One can visit this place where the ships are still manufactured today. Apart from the usual thing that a beach has, there is a historical palace named as Vijay Vilas which is also a very popular center of attraction.

Ottinene Beach

If we talk about this place, then it is said there are people who do not even know about the existence of this place then how will they visit here. This is a very beautiful beach in the coastal town of Karnataka which is called as Byndoor. The spectacular beauty of this place is even increased by the surrounding green forest. One can even see the submerging of the Sumana River into the Arabian Sea, which is such a mesmerizing view.

Butterfly Beach

Goa is the city of beaches and it has plenty of them, but not every beach has got its true place and the proper name. Butterfly beach is one of them. If one visits Goa, he may visit hell lot of beaches, but visiting a beach with a lesser number of populations is rare in Goa. If you want such a place in Goa, which is as beautiful and comfortable but is not that crowded then this is the right place for you. This is basically a small island where you cannot go directly through road. One needs to go there either by trekking through the forest or by taking a ferry ride from any other beach, but once you reach there you will find that all the effort you have done is worth it.

Kondura Beach

This is a destination, which is perfect to spend your day. You will find small fishermen doing their own work. They won’t bother you unnecessarily, but will definitely help you if you need them. You will find complete solitude here. This is perfect for sunny days also, as it has got some good coconut trees also and one can rest in the shade of these trees too.

Jallandhar Beach

This beach has got the crystal clear water which looks so pure and scenic. The name of this beach has got a beautiful story behind it. It is said that this was named after a demon Jallandhar who was killed by Lord Krishna. It is sad that the shape if the beach looked like the face of that demon. One who wants a lazy and conventional kind of holiday can come to this place and will be more than satisfied.

So, these were 5 of the beach destinations in India that are not recognizable but are exceptionally beautiful.

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