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5 non-traditional ways to spend Christmas as a couple

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Are you tired of all the unnecessary planning and stress the holiday season brings? Try out something new! Whether you’re newlyweds or empty nesters, here is a list of five non-traditional ways to spend Christmas as a couple to make the most out of your time off.

1. Go somewhere warm

Traveling somewhere warm can provide a completely different Christmas experience. Pack a bathing suit, sunblock, and your golf clubs to enjoy a relaxing break. Make sure to bring your face-balanced blade putter to help you achieve your best golf game ever. Spend your Christmas break playing golf in the morning and lying by the pool in the afternoon. It’s the perfect escape.

2. Visit national parks

Winter is a great time to have a totally new adventure in the national parks. There are fewer people and traffic, and the stunning natural beauty of the parks take on a whole new level. Zion National Park is warm enough and unique in the winter, so it’s totally worth the trip! Seeing the contrast of the snow against the red rock only augments the park’s magnificence. Many activities are offered at a discount because there are fewer people coming in and out of the parks. Zion Jeep tours are a great way to see more of the area without having to walk through the snow! It’s the perfect time to feel the peace and awe-striking beauty the parks provide.

3. Go on a cruise

The holidays are a wonderful time to take a cruise because you don’t have to request as much time off work. Cruises are also a great way to meet new friends because everyone is super relaxed on a cruise. It doesn’t require cooking, planning, or spending much money once you’re on the boat. Many cruise lines also take the time to decorate seasonally, so you won’t even be completely skipping out on the Christmas experience–you’ll just be skipping out on the stress! Book your trip with a Visa Platinum card to get points on your booking.

4. Plan a staycation

Skip all the planning and stress of having family and friends over for the holidays and just do your own thing as a couple! Try out some new restaurants and activities in your area. Or you could rent some movies, buy some self-care items, order delivery, and just chill at home.

5. Serve others

If you’re looking for something totally different, volunteer to make the time special for other people! Many soup kitchens, YMCA centers, and other volunteer programs need more helping hands during Christmas. You can do something super impactful with your time by finding a volunteer program that fits you and your spouse, and serve together.

Many people place unneeded stress on making the holidays perfect and special. These five non-traditional ways to spend Christmas as a couple are a great option to try something new and different with your time off together.

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