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4 great tips for telecom companies to improve service experience for user

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Customers today are no longer loyal to brands, goods, or costs. Their commitment is determined by the quality of service they offer, which helps them improve their business experience and overall satisfaction. To survive and prosper in today’s competitive environment, the company must make a concerted effort to satisfy its customers. According to an international customer experience report conducted by Oracle, 74 percent of top management agree that customer experience affects their ability to be committed advocates. You must invest in your customers’ experience if you really want them to remain loyal. Iraq’s Korek Telecom is one of the best-known mobile operator companies that provide these services.

1. Identify customer needs and demands

The modern consumer needs to be able to access information at any time and from any place. Their need for seamless connectivity has grown as a result of the rapid changes brought about by new technology. They are looking for solutions to their issues. Customers are also searching for different types of networking, such as live mobile calls, text chats, SMS, and voice support, among other things. As a result, they move from one communication process to the next in pursuit of a better experience and a quick fix to their issues.

Numerous aggressive challengers have begun to offer cutting-edge technology at cheap prices, posing a challenge to telecom providers’ conventional business models and income sources.

2. Multi-channel experience

New-generation digitally savvy users tend to interact with service suppliers through a variety of channels and at their leisure. They can communicate with customer service via live chat, tweeting, leaving a voice message, emailing their issues, or calling them directly. Much of this is contingent on the best alternative open to them at the moment. They anticipate round-the-clock assistance and reliable operation across all contact points and engagement channels.

For telecom companies to successfully communicate with their customers and improve their experience, they need a solid omnichannel engagement strategy.

3. Utilization of big data and analytics

Successful telecommunications companies develop a collection of key measures for client satisfaction and monitor them daily. This allows them to level up to meet consumer demands. Download rates, feedback ratings, Average Revenue per User (ARPU), network operator response time, and other main indicators are some of its examples.

Smart telecommunications companies review data from customer representative interactions regularly to see whether policies and approaches are working as intended and to identify any expectation incompatibilities or communication gaps. They try to evaluate consumer experiences through multiple touchpoints and provide customized support where possible.

4. Customize the connection

IVR technology costs telecommunications firms millions of dollars. Do you notice that 60 percent of callers avoid IVR, and 83 percent of IVR contacts end in real communication with a live agent?

Coopting emerging technologies, such as AI-powered chatbots, can go a long way toward improving customer loyalty. Verizon’s Digital CX combines humans and AI to provide each user with personalized experiences based on earlier connections via email, social networks, chat, message, or phone.

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