15 lucky locations every gambler should visit

online casinoAs many of us believe, there is no room for superstitions in 21st century. Well, one industry is still largely dependent on them. The gaming industry is centered around a world of superstitions in which you can attract good fortune on your side and in which everybody has at least one lucky charm or talisman with them at all times.

Interestingly enough, there are even locations around the globe which some gamblers consider lucky. And the number of people who visit these particular locations before their next big gaming night is mesmerising. If you are one of those who want to increase their luck and travel at the same time, check our our list of the most fortuitous places in the world.

  1. Everard’t Serclaes Statue, Brussels

After an attack by the Flemish in 1356, a Brussels resident tried to reclaim the city. His efforts proved successful and to honour his bravery, Brussels residents raised a monument. The beautiful statue can be seen near the Grand Place in Brussels. Touching the statue is considered to bring luck, but over time another meaning has emerged, and today not only gamblers looking for luck, but also people having fertility-related problems go to touch the statue. Tourists come every year to see and touch the statue with Serclaes body an angel and a dog face, and a shield.

  1. The Weeping Column, Istanbul, Turkey

The column is inside one of Istanbul’s oldest religious sites – Hagia Sophia. It is believed that touching the ‘Weeping Column’  in a particular way is fortuitous. That is why more than 3.5 million visitors come every year to place their thumbs in a hole in the centre of the column, and rotate their palm as they make their wishes. People say that if the person’s thumb come out wet from the running water that covers the statue, the wish will come true.

  1. Schoener Brunnen Fountain, Nuremberg, Germany

Gamblers all over the world come to one of the most beautiful Medieval cities to see the ornate  Schoener Brunnen fountain. A gold ring which rotates is placed on the ornate railings that surround the fountain. According to a local belief, if you rotate the ring three times you will be fortunate for the rest of your life, but if you rotate it more times, bad things will come your way.

  1. Abraham Lincoln’s Tomb, Springfield Illinois

Without a doubt, when you look at the gigantic bronze bust of America’s well known and loved president, you will certainly see that there is something wrong with one particular part of Abraham’s face – his nose.

Local legend says that rubbing the nose of the president brings good luck. Since so many hands have rubbed it, however, the nose of the statue looks run-down.

  1. The Blarney Stone, Ireland

One of the most exquisite of all medieval Irish castles undoubtedly is the Blarney castle. And yet, most visitors come here in order to boost their luck and then win big on slots with numerous bonus features rather than enjoy the castle. There is a large piece of limestone which lies on top of the battlements. Legend has it that those who kiss the stone, will receive luck for an extended period of time in return.

The true challenge is not kissing the stone itself, but getting to it – the stone hangs over a drop over the castle walls and if you want to reach and kiss it, you will have to lie on your back over the void.

  1. The Laughing Buddha, Hangzhou, China

One of the most popular tourist locations in Hangzhou is the Lingyin temple and monastery. People come here to honour the statue of the Laughing Buddha and the hundreds of other Buddha statues that are placed in the temple and monastery. According to Chinese beliefs, rubbing the belly of the Laughing Buddha will reward everyone close to the Buddha with good luck (which is also why so many gamblers come here).

  1. Victor Noir’s Grave, Paris , France

The French cemetery Pere Lachaise Cemetry is a loved place for the biggest celebrities and famous people, like Jim Morrison and Oscar Wilde. Contrary to expectations, it is not one of their tombs that attracts visitors, but Victor Noir’s tomb – a famous journalist. Why is his tomb so important? Well, according to the French, kissing the bronze statue, rubbing the trouser area and leaving a rose in his hat brings luck and helps with fertility-related problems among women.

  1. Lucky, Louisiana, United States

Please keep in mind that we are talking about the village in Louisiana, and not about the town in West Virginia. The village has a population of 272 people and is considered to be a lucky place.

  1. Winged Figures of the Republic, Boulder City, Nevada, United States

Where else do gamblers need more luck if not in Las Vegas? Well, the good news is that fortune-seekers can find their lucky spot on the roadway of the Hoover Dam. The two statues are tall over 30 feet and were created by a Norwegian immigrant. Tickling the feet of the figures is said to grant fortune.

  1. Glasgow Bingo Hall, Glasgow, Scotland

Well, the luckiest places of all should not necessarily be nature-made, right? This man-made lucky spot  attracts thousands of visitors in the years after 2016 when players won an overall of £322,833.34. This certainly makes the bingo hall one of the luckiest in the country.

Bingo has bursted in popularity in the past several years, mainly due to the fact that various bingo halls have been established online. Sadly, people now prefer to play bingo online and this forces many land-based bingo rooms to shut doors. However, there are three other “super lucky” bingo halls in the city and their popularity will surely keep their doors open.

  1. Romford, United Kingdom

The National Lottery has been enjoying huge popularity ever since it was released in 1994, but it seems  that buying your ticket at certain towns brings higher chances to win. Actually, the best place to buy your National Lottery ticket is Romford. The city is home to more than 400 jackpot-hitting tickets, which is a lot more than any other town in the country. Romford is statistically the best place to purchase your ticket from if you want to become the next jackpot-winner in the United Kingdom.

  1. Il Porcellino, Florence, Italy

This is arguably the most famous boar fountain in the world. The fountain is made of bronze and is located on the south side of the Mercato Nuovo. It is a tourist attraction drawing as much tourist attention as the market which surrounds it. Putting a coin in Porcellino’s mouth and rubbing its snout will bring good luck.

Interestingly, the statue-fountain is so popular that several replicas have been made, including the one which was given to Sydney Hospital. It is said that the hospital’s Porcellino brings good fortune as well.

  1. Fushimi Inari Taisha, Kyoto, Japan

Businesspeople from all over Japan come to this Shinto shrine in search of a blessing for their companies from  Inari, the god of rice who also deals with prosperity and successful business. The shrine—founded in 711 AD—is thought to be the oldest in Japan’s former capital.

You should be in a good physical shape if you want to get there, though. For before reaching the shrine you will have to walk up-hill for two hours. Do not lose heart – you will have the opportunity to see the beautiful torii (shrine gates) placed on the road before the shrine (some 10,000 of them, too!). Locals say that the best time to get to the shrine is dusk as then sounds of wildlife make the mountain seem alive. Moreover, you will be able to watch the setting sun, too.

  1. Charles Bridge, Prague, Czech Republic

The original bridge was was completely destroyed by a flood in 1342. Before rebuilding it in 1357, King Charles IV gathered his most trusted astrologers and made them find the most successful way to re-build the bridge. Serious calculations followed and a date and time were set – July 9 at 5:31 A.M. What is more, even three “lucky” ingredients were identified—eggs, milk, and flour—to be incorporated into the building materials. At  the exact time builders laid the first brick. Well, apparently their “lucky ingredients” worked for the bridge is still intact even today. Cross the bridge and go to the nearby casino – you will be ten times luckier.

  1. Crazy Girls Statue (Showgirls Bronze), Las Vegas, Nevada, United States

We could not have made that list without including something in Vegas. The statue is located in front of the Riviera Hotel and it has the slogan: ‘No “IFs” and “ANDs” or…’. The bronze statue of the showgirls is thought to be one of the most eccentric and it is arguably the most popular statue on the Las Vegas strip. According to the local legend, all you need to do is pat the statue on the shiny derrieres  of the girls and you will walk out of the next casino a lot richer than you came in.



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