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10 tips to quit smoking this year for good

If you are looking for tips to quit smoking, first of all, congratulations! It is the best decision one can take to kick off the habit of smoking for good health.

All of us are aware of the health risks of smoking but it takes strong will power and dedication to get rid of this habit. Quitting smoking could be really tough whether you are a regular smoker or an occasional smoker.

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You need to change your lifestyle and cope with the withdrawal symptoms of nicotine. Not only this, but you also need to find more healthy ways to tackle your mood swings. But believe in yourself and join the millions of people who have already quit smoking for good.

Considerations before following the tips to quit smoking

You need to ask yourself the following questions and make a journal:

  • What kind of smoker you are?
  • Is your smoking linked with any other addiction such as gambling?
  • Why and when you get a call for a cigarette by your body or brain?
  • Are you a social smoker or an occasional smoker?
  • Do you feel to smoke after every meal or during your tea or coffee breaks?
  • Do you smoke to lower down your stress or anxiety level?

Smoking nicotine in cigarettes becomes a daily ritual and an addiction in both the ways – physical and psychological. When you will try to eliminate this regular smoking habit, you will experience cravings and withdrawal symptoms.

You need to be stiff and stick to your decision even if you have tried and failed several times earlier.

10 Tips to Quit Smoking

  1. Make a quit plan

Firstly, set a quit date within the next fifteen days so that you do not lose your motivation.

  1. Involve friends, family, and co-workers

Let all the people around you know that you have planned to quit smoking and you need their support to stop smoking. You can be a motivation for each other.

  1. Remove all the triggers

Clean up your house, car, and office thoroughly. Throw all the stuff that reminds you of smoking – cigarettes, matchbox, ashtrays, etc. Wash everything that smells like smoke – your clothes, car seat covers, carpets, drapes, etc.

  1. Take help from the doctor

If you find it difficult to quit smoking, you can take help from your doctor and ask for medication to stop cravings and withdrawal symptoms.

  1. Maintain a craving journal

Initially, you can write down time, intensity, feelings, moments of your cravings. Keep a log to help you know your patterns and eliminate those triggers gradually.

  1. Avoid common triggers

Get out of a tempting situation and follow these tips to quit smoking.

  • Avoid alcohol or gambling that might correlate you with smoking.
  • Switch to places where smoking and alcohol is prohibited.
  • Take your breaks in the office with non-smokers.
  • Move away from a place where anybody is smoking.
  1. Keep reminding yourself

Cravings only last long for 10 to 15 minutes. Try to divert your mind by taking a walk, call a friend, take a shower, watch your favorite show, clean your wardrobe! Remind yourself why have you started the plan to quit smoking by focusing on your reasons:

  • Good looks
  • Stay young
  • Various health benefits
  • Self-esteem
  • Strong will power
  • Risk of heart disease or lung cancer
  1. Find an oral substitute

To avoid cravings, keep some mints, carrot sticks, sunflower seeds or sugar-free gum to keep in your mouth. Or you can simply suck on a drinking straw, it really helps.

You can try vapes that reduce your urge to smoke. Vapes are not as harmful as compared to cigarettes. Visit Vape Juice Store to get vapes that can help you to quit smoking gradually.

  1. Drink more water and exercise

Keep yourself hydrated to pass on the cravings and minimize the nicotine withdrawal symptoms. Do high intensity workout to keep your mind off smoking and get active.

Do breathing exercises, yoga, and meditation to keep yourself calm and healthy. Avoid junk food and eat healthy food.

  1. Keep trying

Learn from your experience and do not get disheartened if you slip or relapse. Don’t let it overcome your strong will power. Try out other ways such as hypnosis, behavioral therapy, chakra healing, acupuncture, neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), etc.

Wish you quit smoking soon! Share with us your experience and tips to quit smoking for good.

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