Writing an admission essay: 5 things you should know

In most cases, you won’t be accepted to a uni or college without having a good essay. An admission essay is an essential part of any application. No matter whether it is a top-ranking university or a small college, both of them are probably going to ask you to compose an essay in addition to your application.

That’s why universities always encourage students to focus on their application process and get advice from a knowledgeable person. They warn students to start preparing and writing as soon as possible. But what if you’ve procrastinated a lot or just forgotten about that small detail such as an admission essay, which has to be submitted by tomorrow? First of all, don’t panic! In this situation, you have two options to choose from. You can either apply to a professional writing service https://edubirdie.com/pay-for-essays or read the article below and use those 5 admission writing tips, which we’re going to talk about to compose an essay by yourself. The choice is up to you. But remember that even a day is plenty of time if it is about the university of your dreams.

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The only thing you’re required to do is to focus and take a decision – to get some professional assistance, or to make the efforts and do everything by yourself.

Applying to a University: Admission Essay Writing Process

Of course, to do a good job with your application writing process, you really have to start early. But this is not the end of the world if you haven’t finished your admission essay yet. You can still do it successfully if being fully focused and showing a commitment to your writing process.

Here are 5 important tips, which every student should follow to compose a great admission essay, even if there is one day till the deadline.

5 Admission Essay Writing Tips

The following recommendations are going to save you a lot of time by providing the main requirements to an essay.


  1. Tell a story about yourself and who you are. Don’t write about your whole life or your academic achievements, otherwise you won’t have enough space for your personality in that essay. Instead, pick three or four the most important stories of your life and tell the officers about them. Those stories should reflect your personality, your character, and the important decisions that you’ve made before. How have they influenced your desire to apply to this particular college or university? An essay shouldn’t look like a CV or a list of your high school achievements. It should be a vivid, interesting story with logical introduction, transition sentences, body paragraphs, etc. This is the place where you show your goals and ambitions.
  2. Write in your own style. You’re not required to stick to a particular writing style in your admission essay. So, write the same way you speak. Be relaxed and natural. Your writing should have a slightly conversational tone. But avoid cliche phrases, slang, and swear words. All of them are absolutely forbidden.
  3. Never copy an essay. If you decide to avoid the stress of writing an essay by copying someone else’s work online, forget about it. Even if you have the worst writing skills ever, don’t copy papers created by other people. In such case, it is better to get a professional assistance than to plagiarise.
  4. Start with a story about your family. If you struggle with the begging of your essay, start with something obvious – your family, city, community, etc. Don’t get stuck on one paragraph for hours. Write about what kind of professional and personal experiences you’ve had before. All of this will help to decide where to move with your essay later. Just start writing. Don’t overthink it too long. All of those things tend to be very important in your admission essay. So, don’t forget to write not only about yourself but also the people who have influenced your growth as well. Still, keep the main focus on your personality. Your application is about you. College admission officers want to know more about you, your values and ambitions, not about other people or your academic grades.
  5. Explain why you want to study in this particular university or college. To do this, write down all the reasons in one list and then use that list for your essay, describing and explaining each of the reasons in details. Go deeper with this than writing something like «this is the best college in the country». Instead, explain what exactly does attract you there. Maybe you’re interested in a community the college has, or its after class activities or social programs, and so on. Be honest.

That’s all for our 5 main tips on writing a qualitative admission essay within the extremely tight deadlines. Don’t forget to use them while working on your own one.


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