White paper addresses youth risk issues in Waynesboro

bg-club-header-newPress release from Tom Hardiman/Hardiman-Williams LLC

Click here to view a whitepaper my company prepared for our local Boys & Girls Club.  The paper identifies and addresses various risks our youth face on a daily basis.  The paper also identifies some resources available, as well as some possible solutions to these issues.  This is not intended to be an all-inclusive list of risks, resources, or solutions and we did not intend to slight any organization by omission.  Rather, we hope that this report will help generate more interest and discussion within our community about our youth.

As the chair of the board of directors for our local Boys & Girls Club, I know that our staff is making great strides towards addressing these issues. And I will commit that our organization will work with any individual, business, or organization wanting to work with us to make a difference.   As our children prepare to go back to school, let’s talk about how we as a community can give them the greatest opportunity to realize their full potential.  Please feel free to share this report with others.

Tom Hardiman/Hardiman-Williams, LLC

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