StableCraft Brewing lets you set the pace for craft beer experience

stablecraft biergartenThe new approach to service at StableCraft Brewing lets you, the customer, set the pace.

“We’re going towards a biergarten service style that’s more in line with what you expect at craft breweries,” said Keith Downing, the tap room manager at StableCraft Brewing, located in Augusta County just 10 minutes west of Waynesboro.

Customers will order their craft beers and food at the bar. You’ll get your brews at the bar, and a server will bring your food order to your table when the food is ready.

“This is going to take a lot of pressure from what’s correlated to a restaurant experience. Having a hostess, being seated, greeted, being presented the menus, taking an order. We want to alleviate the taking of the order and emphasize the menu,” said Craig Nargi, the owner of StableCraft Brewing, which is set to celebrate its first anniversary next month.

With 16 craft beers on tap, the biergarten setup will allow staff to focus more on providing tastings of flights of the brews, and to talk with customers who want to know more about the beer making process.

“That personal connection is really important to build a relationship between our patrons and the brand,” Nargi said.

The restaurant-style approach is based on turning over tables – basically, get your food, pay your bill and get out so that the next group can be seated.

The biergarten approach gives patrons a chance to “come in and enjoy the setting,” Downing said.

“We have volleyball, we have the outdoor pavilion, the outdoor seating area, the fire pit, the cornhole, all of these things for people to come and do,” Downing said. “If you’re just turning them over really quick, they’re not going to stay and enjoy it. We have a beautiful location, beautiful views, and if you’re coming here to take all that in, you should be able to stay and enjoy that and not feel rushed.”

In essence, take your time.

“If you want to wait 15 minutes, enjoy your first beer, then order, if that works for you, that’s what we’re striving for. You control the experience. One of our goals is to lengthen your stay, and lengthen the time that you get to enjoy our destination,” Downing said.


About StableCraft Brewing

Opened in 2016, StableCraft Brewing, located in Augusta County, offers 16 on-tap craft beers brewed on site and a menu selection featuring locally-sourced foods.

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